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In-Box Review
Chinese WZ-10
In-box review of China's new stealth helicopter.
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by: Matthew Robeson [ SCVROBESON ]

So, before obtaining this review kit, I had never heard of this helicopter. I didn't know that China was producing their own anti-tank helo like our Apache.

Box content
The kit comes in a very small side-opening box, which is a huge pet peeve for me. I just get accustomed to top-opening boxes, and their ease of use. Painting and decal options are provided on the back on the box, and both birds are black, so some creative painting will be needed to liven it up.

Speaking of which, this kit has no interior. None at all. I assume it's because most of the helicopter has to be under strict classification from the Chinese government, but Dragon could have done something. So I"m going to paint the inside of the windows blue and turn this into a desk-top model. It is nice though that all of the grey plastic parts are all contained on one sprue, instead of being thrown around on many different ones, like Dragon usually does. There is some detail for the engine filters and rotor head, so at least what you can see is detailed.

There are a few weapon options for this bird, but since it's specs aren't really available, I'm sure it's just what they thought it would eventually carry. You're provided with some missiles, and what looks like a small rocket pod. The missiles do stack 6 high, so follow the instructions closely there.

Instructions are all provided for one on sheet, that is almost the same size of the box. But they squeeze everything, even two pages would have made things a bit clearer.

The clear parts are nice, but not really needed, since there is no interior for them to show off. They'll just be painted on the inside and installed. You do have to add the glass before closing the fuselage halves, since the main canopy is one big piece.

Decal options are provided for three different helicopters, so you get a little bit of variety. The decals should work fine, I've never had a problem with Dragon decals.
Highs: Cool kit of new technology, a craft I had never even heard of
Lows: No interior at all, jumbled up instructions
Verdict: Nice kit, if you're looking for a desktop model, of if you want to get a kit moving from snap-tite kits to kits they have to glue. This isn't too complex.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:144
  Mfg. ID: 4632
  Suggested Retail: $21.00
  Related Link: WZ-10 history and development
  PUBLISHED: Dec 03, 2012
  NATIONALITY: China / 简体

Our Thanks to Dragon USA!
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