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Book Review
Modelling the P-40

by: Mark R. Smith [ GUNNY ]

In this latest addition to Osprey Publications' modeling Manual Series, we find yet another valuable reference resource for not only modeling these subjects, but also a good deal of technical information provided about the history of this fantastic bird, as well as detailed explanations about the variants produced and used throughout wartime.

The author, Brett Green, takes us from the beginning of production of the P-40, explaining in well versed and easy to understand text, adding “real feel” full color photographs of the valiant machine, and then straight into producing accurate and very well detailed scale model subjects of such.

SERIES - Osprey Modeling, #15
FORMAT - 248mm X 184mm
EXTENT - 80 Pages
BINDING - Paperback
ILLUSTRATIONS - 231 Full Color Photographs

I. Introduction- The p-40 in plastic
II. The P-40N in Detail
III. P-40B, “Flying Tiger”, 1/32nd
IV. “Kiwi”, Kittyhawk Mk.la, 1/48th
V. RAAF Kittyhawk Mk IV, “Black Magic”, 1/48th
VI. French P40F, North Africa, 1/48th
VII. A War hawk built for two: TP-40N Trainer, 1/48th
VIII. RAF Desert Kittyhawk, Mk.la, 1/72nd
IX. Further Reading and Websites
X. Index and Color Reference Chart

Looking a little closer…
Osprey Publications just never cease to amaze me in the quality of their books produced, and the informative value always found within the pages. This book begins with a wonderful introduction, detailing the general history of the P-40, discussing everything from the airframe and engine series, to the types of gunnery involved in each of the variants. A very useful chart describing the P-40 production variants and characteristics is also found here in this chapter, which leads directly into a discussion of the P-40 in plastic, with detailed charts listing the P-40 model kits in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32 scale, manufacturer and description of each kit, and accessories produced for the same as well.

The next chapter, “The P-40 in Detail”, takes the reader directly to and face to face with the actual plane in full color photographs and text explanations to accompany each - you will move from the front of the bird to the rear, inside the cockpit and engine compartment, over the wings, under to the gear and tires and beyond. A complete walk around for an extremely valuable reference resource!

The author then takes you on to your journey of producing some of the finer scale models of the subject, in three different modeling scales, beginning with 1/32nd, moving onto 1/48th, and then 1/72nd respectively. The six subjects that are chosen and covered by the author range in six different variations of the P-40, highlighting each of the countries chosen and it’s Air Force. Each separate model subject chapter begins with a breakdown table of the kits and materials used, including any additional detail sets that are needed as well as paint schemes with manufacturer, color, and color number listed for each project. As you read over the first project and following, you will learn that this book is aimed towards the advanced modeler, with some of the projects classified for Master modelers, but the authors explanations makes his techniques easy to understand for the beginner also.

Several different kit manufacturers for the model subject projects represented herein, and the author has included his own summary or “inbox review” of each kit, which is listed in the beginning of each project chapter. Now, this book is not a step-by step breakdown type book as you will find, but the construction of each project is covered well, while leaning heavier on the more detailed and challenging aspects of each of the subjects represented, with additional photos and text. The tips and techniques that are covered here can be put to good use, for the beginner as well as the advanced to master craftsman. Painting, weathering, and markings are all discussed in good detail for each model too.

As you progress through the book the projects become increasingly more detailed and difficult, as the author has designed it as so. The book winds down to a reference listing of further reading and a small listing of websites with P-40 content (although to my surprise Armorama was not among the ranks!) Last but not surely least, a color chart listing eight different color variation and marking descriptions is found in the rear of the publication, with decent text explanations of each that is pictured.

A little about the Author…
This publication is written solely by Brett Green, who is also the author of Hyperscale, another on-line modeling magazine, which was established in 1998, and he is a highly respected aviation modeler as well. He has published two other books on the colors and markings of Luftwaffe Aircraft, “Augsburgs Last Eagles” about the late war Messerschmitt BF109, and “Stormbird Colors”, about the Me 262. He has also written two other Osprey Modelling Manuals, #2, “Modelling the BF 110”, and #11, “Modelling the P47 Thunderbolt”. I must also mention that the author took all photographs in today’s review subject unless otherwise indicated.

My conclusions, and final words…
Overall, I found this latest addition to Osprey Publications Modelling Manual Series to be a very exciting as well as an informative read, although I will say again that it is a book geared towards the more experienced modeler. Otherwise, I feel that it would make a fine addition to the modeler’s library shelves, providing a good resource for the P-40 warbird and its variants, for any level of modelist.

Many thanks to George Tew, of Osprey Publications, for providing the review sample for this examination.
The following in depth examination is of Osprey Publications new Modeling Manual # 15, entitled “Modelling the P-40, Hawk 81, Tomahawk, War hawk and Kitty hawk.The P-40 was a dependable warhorse that provided valuable service throughout World War II. Remembering the history of the earliest variants, which were used by the famous “Flying Tigers” in China, the P-40 then went on to serve in practically every theatre of the war.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: 1841768235
  Suggested Retail: $17.95 U.S
  Related Link: Osprey Publishing Official Web Page
  PUBLISHED: Mar 09, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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