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In-Box Review
USN Carrier Deck 1942-44
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by: Tim Hatton [ LITESPEED ]

Eduard continues with their series of 1/72 pre coloured photo etched Carrier decks. This one is for a US Navy carrier deck from 1942-1944.


Inside the resealable plastic bag is one pre coloured photo etched deck printed onto a sheet of brass.
This looks like part of the carrier deck from an Essex class carrier from 1942 through to 1944. But please donít quote me, Iím no expert. The Eduard base has the two planked pattern, a pattern that the more knowledgeable experts of US Navy carrier design agree was the principal plank pattern of the Essex class carrier during 1942-44. The base is etched and painted on one side, the colour of the varnished treated flight deck looks just right. There is a little light weathering; a nice touch is some of the darker stains between some of the planks.
The gaps between the planks and what looks like lines of drains are lightly etched. The metal itself is fairly thin and quite easy to bend if you are not careful. It might be an idea to glue it to something a lot more rigid. There is a lightly attached brass surround that comes away very easily.

L: 132mm [5 3/16 inches]
W: 110mm [4 5/16 inches]

Not particularly generous in size, you will find a Avenger with a 1/72 wingspan of 229mm overhanging this portion of the deck a fair bit.


So if you want something to sit your Corsairs, Hellcats, Avengers, etc then this is well worth considering. Itís a great start if you like to display your finished models on a diorama, but donít have the time to make one yourself. The price may put some off, but the quality and looks are first rate. Great idea Eduard.
Highs: Looks very good. Finely etched detail.
Lows: Price and size.
Verdict: Highly recommended, will really make a change having your WWII US Navy aircraft models parked on this. Nicely done Eduard.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 73421
  Suggested Retail: 22,45 Ä from Eduard
  PUBLISHED: May 30, 2012
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to Eduard!
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About Tim Hatton (litespeed)

Aircraft are my primary interest from WWll to present day.

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Eduard has made a booboo here. The flight deck should be BLUE as all USN Carriers had Blue Stained flight decks during the war. Note that sometime later in the war (during 1944 I think) a darker blue flight deck stain was adopted, similar to Deck Blue. Also, if it's supposed to be a bit of Essex class flight deck, then the Essex herself was only just commissioned in 31st December 42, the rest of the class followed in 1943 onwards. thanks Mike
MAY 30, 2012 - 09:29 AM
Hi Mike Thanks for the info. It's me that wondered if it was an Essex class deck, not Eduard. As I mentioned in the review I am certainly no expert on Naval matters I'm afraid to say. I did look at a number of images trying to figure out what class of carrier this release might represent. Both the Yorktown class and the single Wasp Class carrier decks seemed to be the most likely, as the few colour images suggested treated wooded flight decks. But I think the Yorktown and the Wasp were both sunk in 1942 and the big "E" [Enterprise] was being refitted during 1942-43. The painted lines suggest an Essex class boat, so I put 2+2 together!!! If it is in the style of a Wasp class deck, then there is the interesting possibility of sticking a Spitfire Mk V on it for the"Club Run" over to Malta. Also Gladiators landed on the Wasp while it was berthed at Scapa Flow. Great thing Google. To be continued I'm sure All the best. tim
MAY 31, 2012 - 08:06 AM
Hi Tim TBH I wouldn't be too concerned which exact carrier the deck is based on, as very few would be able to tell. I would be very picky about the colour. Because as previously stated, all US carriers had their decks stained Blue, as early as 1941. The Blue changed later in the war (to a darker Blue) but I'm not sure exactly when. As for the carriers themselves, Lexington was sunk in May 42, at Coral Sea, Yorktown in June at Midway, Wasp in Sept 42 off the Eastern Solomans and Hornet at Santa Cruz in Oct 42. Saratoga was torpedoed in either Aug/Sept 42 and didn't emerge from repair/refit until sometime in 1943 leaving Enterprise as the only operational carrier until the Essex was commissioned. Ranger wasn't deemed battleworthy enough to face the IJN, so was kept in the Atlantic. I agree, you could park a Spit V on there and say it's onboard USS Wasp. thanks Mike
JUN 01, 2012 - 05:47 AM
Eduard's latest flyer shows both a wood-tone and a blue version. Something for everyone!
JUN 01, 2012 - 07:39 AM

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