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In-Box Review
Urban bases
Urban bases (60mm round, Bike bases 25x50mm and 40mm round)
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by: Andrzej Snigorski [ ENDRJU007 ]

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Micro Art Studio from Poland is a company known for very wide range of figure bases. Most of them are dedicated for rather smaller scales (like wargaming or 1/72 scale) but many of them may be used as bases for much bigger figures or as parts of self-made bases.
Micro Art Studio among many others offers urban bases in several sizes and shapes. We’ve received three types for review: 60mm round base, Bike bases 25x50mm and designed for Infinity system Round 40mm bases.
Urban bases due to the fact that most modern and many s/f figures may be placed in urban surrounding may be found highly useful. They can be used as with military as with civilian figures.
Since bases are very similar and differ almost only by size I decided to review all types mentioned above in one article.
All these bases were designed by Jan Horydowiec. They all come in traditional Micro Art Studio blisters with the name of set printed on cardboard inlay. Bases are protected by black foam from the back (or rather bottom).

60mm round base

60mm bases are made in two versions. When you purchase the base you receive one of them – they’re chosen randomly.
Bases are round, 60mm in diameter.
First one shows part of a road with drain grate on the side and metal cover of sewer or rather a cable/valve maintenance hole cover on it. Pavement is made of hexagonal flagstones with curb on the side.
Second one shows mainly the pavement made of same type of flagstones as base described above. Short part of curb is visible on this base as well as small hole with cover placed aside.
Both bases have aluminum cans placed next to the curb which gives both bases nice, more natural look.
Cans are, unfortunately, also the details strongly limiting possibilities of using the bases for scales other from dedicated. You have to keep in mind the fact that even smallest soda cans are bout 10cm tall and if you place to big figure next to it won’t look natural.

Bike bases 25x50mm

25x50mm bike base range includes 6 different bases so far. Set contains 4 of them, randomly selected, delivered in standard Micro Art Studio blister.
Bases have rounded ends and they are perfect for smaller scale mounted figures. Can also be used for two figures but their shape may make it difficult to place the figures in way other than single file or side by side (Sandpeople always ride single file to hide their strength and numbers but you don’t see them in urban surrounding too often).
Cans, pavement and tarmac, drain grates and covers present on these bases are identical as on 60mm bases. New details depicted on bike bases are cat’s eyes on the road and pieces of paper lying around.
First base of the range shows only part of pavement with folded newspaper or leaflet placed on one of the base’s ends.
Second one shows road with cat’s eyes markings on it, can placed on the edge and metallic cover plate next to it.
Third one shows part of road with only one cat’s eye on one side of the base and can placed next to folded papers on the other side.
Fourth base has only metallic cover on one side and cat’s eye on the other.
Fifth shows mostly pavement with a can placed next to the curb.
Sixth and last one shows pavement with drain grate placed almost in the center of the base.

Round 40mm bases

Micro Art Studio designs bases for battle system “Infinity”. Round 40mm urban bases are also described as “designed for Infinity” products but they don’t have any features that would limit them to this system only.
There are six bases in 40mm range, when you buy a set you are receiving two of them, randomly selected.
They share exactly the same features as bike and bigger round bases described above.
Three of them show only tarmac with different features on them:
first have cat’s eye and three cans lying around;
second shows cat’s eye, a can and piece of paper;
third one shows open sewer cover and a can on the very edge of base.
Pavement is visible on three other bases:
fourth shows only pavement with sewer cover and paper next to it;
fifth shows pavement with drain grate and a curb;
last one shows pavement with curb and can placed right next to the curb and base’s edge.
Their size and shape makes them quite universal and versatile for quite wide range of figures – they are big enough to work as bases not only for 28mm minis but also for some bigger figures (unfortunately problem of scale relation between the figure and details such as cans or pavement plates).

Details and Quality

Bases are casted in grey resin. Details are very clean and crisp – bases almost don’t require additional cleaning. Surface of tarmac has very nice texture that makes the base easy to paint in realistic way. Pavement plates’ texture is much smoother and there edges are clean and sharp.
Only error spotted are two very small holes created by air bubbles present on few of examined bases – they are hard to spot, but easy to fix.
Base’s surfaces are flat and perfectly shaped, but bases’ lower bodies are not even and not 100% symmetrical on some of them – this problem was observed mainly on 40mm round bases. It does not affect the actual bases’ look in any way but I believed it may require mentioning to protect symmetry purists from shock.


Once again MAS offers nice and versatile bases. They are simple but I do consider it as an advantage: Minimalistic layout will sure make fitting the figures easy – almost all surfaces are flat which assures that there will be no problem with finding the only one right position for the figure.
Small pinholes made by air bubbles are few and easy to fix.
They are dedicated rather for smaller scales but in my opinion they may work well with bigger scales too.
Most modelers could make similar bases by their own, but taking under consideration the quality and not high price these bases are really good way to get things fast without additional playing with plaster.

Urban Bases, Round 60mm (1); 4.92€; B03223
Urban Bases, Bike 25x50mm (4); 7.38€; B03225
Urban Bases, Round 40mm (2); 4.92€; B03222

Picture of painted figure is taken from Micro Art Studio website.
Highs: Quality of casting, nice and simple layout.
Lows: Almost none - just two small bubble errors, delicate lack of symmetry.
Verdict: Perfect simple bases for any figure you want to locate in urban surrounding. Highly recommended, but mostly for smaller scales.
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 18, 2011

Our Thanks to Micro Art Studio!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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