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In-Box Review
UH-60 Easy Egress Windows
Cobra Company 1/35 UH-60 Easy Egress Pilots' Windows
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by: Gino P. Quintiliani [ HEAVYARTY ]

The original Army UH-60s came with pilots’ windows with a small sliding vent window on them. This allowed air to come into the cockpit for ventilation and also allowed small items to be passed to the pilot with the door closed. The only issue with them was that the windows were not designed to be easily removed during a crash, especially into water. The US Navy H-60 Seahawks had a different style of pilots’ windows without the sliding vent. They include a small, round pop-up vent and are designed to be pulled out of the frame easily for the pilots to egress the aircraft during a crash or water ditching. The added benefit is that the window also has a larger viewing area without the frames from the sliding window in the way. Most Army Blackhawks have been retrofitted with the Navy style Easy Egress Windows.

The Kit
Cobra Company has a vast array of updates and detail sets for UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. This latest released is great addition to Academy’s 1/35 UH-60 kit. It adds the Easy Egress pilot’s windows that have been fitted to most Blackhawks. Before this set, the only place you could find these windows for your Blackhawk was in Academy’s AH-60L DAP kit (2217). This set allows you to update any of Academy’s Blackhawk kits.
The set comes in a Ziploc baggie attached to a paper card containing, 2 parts cast in crystal clear resin. The parts are bagged to keep them from being damaged during shipping. Also included is a nicely done sheet of instructions with descriptions and clear pictures to assist in assembly.

The Parts
The individual parts are sharply cast and have no flash. The parts look awesome. The finest detail of rivets and the fine lines of the vents are exquisite. The windows are clearer than the kit parts and look great. There are no real downfalls to the set.
The assembly is easy as the windows simply replace the kit windows.

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Highs: Crystal clear windows; very nicely cast.
Lows: None.
Verdict: I highly recommend this kit. Overall the windows look very nice. Assembly is straight-forward and with no noted problem areas. This small set will update your Blackhawk to current standards. I see no major flaws in the kit, its dimensions, or details.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35030
  Suggested Retail: 8.00
  PUBLISHED: Oct 22, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Gino P. Quintiliani (HeavyArty)

Retired US Army Artillery Officer, currently a contractor at MacDill AFB in the Tampa, FL area. I have been modelling for the past 40+ years, really seriously on armor and large scale helos (1/32, 1/35) for the last 35 or so.

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