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In-Box Review
MiG-21MF accessories.
Designed for the Eduard kit.
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by: Tim Hatton [ LITESPEED ]

Modelers are generally happy to display their models on their shelf flight line, without considering creating a diorama that reflects what the aircraft would look like resting between flights. Eduard have given the modeler a bit of a nudge to maybe consider a diorama with the release of this accessory set for their own MiG-21MF.


Contained in a semi resealable plastic bag are:
-1 x photo etched fret.
-1 x A5 double sided instruction sheet.

What you can build with this set includes:
-1 x 8 part combined air intake and radar nose cover.
-2 x 4 part vent covers.
-2 x pairs of different styles of wheel chocks.
-1 x 2 piece drip tray.
-1 x 9 piece engine exhaust cover.
-1 x 2 piece rudder clip.

The air intake cover comprises of a circular piece of metal with a hole where the radar nose cover is placed. The radar nose cover will need to be carefully folded to achieve a conical shape. Perhaps use the kits plastic nose as a former. There are three latches and three washers to attach to the air intake cover. These are very small and Eduard have provided a spare of each.
The two covers for the auxiliary engine inlets are made up from four pieces. The inlets are situated on the fuselage just forward and below of the leading edge wing root. What appears to be a seal is attached to the mesh cover with a couple of grab handles to the side. There are two latches to each cover and Eduard provide two different styles.
There are two pairs of wheel chocks and Eduard provide the choice of two different styles. One style is made up from a single piece of photo etched metal. The other slightly more elaborate style of wheel chock is made up from three pieces including a plate that sits at the front of the chock and the other piece needs to be bent to match the curve of the wheel. Whichever style of chock you go for there is some folding involved.
The drip tray [what a great idea] comes in two parts and needs folding, then two handles are added.
The jet pipe cover is very cleverly designed, Eduard have not gone for the easy option of just producing a simple cover. The cover has four flaps attached that need to be carefully folded to form a lip around the circumference of the cover. Before construction Eduard suggest using a ball point pen to rub into the marked areas to create positive relief detail on the reverse side of the cover. The outside of the cover is identified with a small black rectangle printed on the surface. The hole in the centre of the cover is filled with a separate piece that again has a lip that is created by careful bending. This bit of work will create a very realistic looking cover. The jet pipe cover is finished of by applying a grab handle placed in the centre of the cover and three latches with washers.
Another great but simple addition to this set are the rudder clips. The two separate pieces require gentle bending to form the shape of the bullet fairing at the base of the rudder.
There are no painting instructions for any of the above, but it is easy enough to find references. You will notice from the images that there are a few scratches on the surface of the metal. Don't worry, they don't have any effect on the quality of the surface.
Instructions are black line drawings with symbols providing instructions.


Just love this accessory release from Eduard. Not only have they provided the best current injected plastic kits of the MiG-21 in 1/48 scale, but they are also producing some rather special after market goodies as well. Nicely done Eduard.
Highs: Too many to mention.
Lows: Some colour guidance would have been helpful.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 48703
  Suggested Retail: $26.95
  PUBLISHED: Sep 06, 2011

Our Thanks to Eduard!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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