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In-Box Review
Hawk T1 Mk 53 interior S.A.
Designed for the Revell kit
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by: Tim Hatton [ LITESPEED ]


Contained in the semi resealable packaging, the two frets of photo etched parts are protected from each other by a piece of stiff card. Inside there are:
-1 x part 1: pre coloured self adhesive photo etched fret.
-1 x part 2: none coloured photo etched fret.
-1 x small acetate sheet with the outline of the two HUD's printed on it.
-1 x A4 double sided instruction sheet.

Part 1: is the sheet that contains all the instrument in full colour. I have to say they look really good and will certainly improve the look of the office. As usual the instrument faces are printed in black and on it are superbly printed dials. This sheet is glued behind the instrument panel which is light grey, black and with various coloured lights. There are quite a few additional instruments too attach to the two instrument panels that will give the whole thing a slightly less two dimensional look to it. The side consoles also look the business and as you can see from the images of the instrument panel and side consoles are a huge improvement on the kit parts [in red]. A lot of the kit parts are used in conjunction with the Eduard set and and some reworking of the kit parts is needed to reduce the low relief detail moulded on them. Some stretched sprue or plastic rod is required to create the throttle levers. Also included on this fret are two pairs of mirrors for the canopy. A word of warning from Eduard with these S.A. frets. Don't be tempted to peel off protective sheet on the sticky side. If you do, you may find that the glue will lose some of it's adhesive qualities. Better to leave the protective backing on each part until you are ready to attach it.
Part 2: contains the non coloured photo etched parts and makes up the bulk of the cockpit detailing. Included are replacement rudder pedals, HUD, canopy internal frame, canopy hinge and sills, and much more. Some of the components need folding, a few of the folded structures are quite complex. Eduard have etched recessed lines where the folds are located, which help enormously in creating a clean fold.
Acetate sheet: has the two representations of the glass screen of the HUD. The outline of the HUD's are printed in black marking where to cut. Be careful you don't lose them as they can drop out of the bag without you realising it [yes it happened to me!]. I ended up Sellotaping the acetate sheet to the back of the vinyl protective backing on the coloured PE fret for safe keeping. You have been warned.
Instructions: are on two sides of a the black line drawing help enormously as well as the symbol based guides. There are no colour references for any of the none coloured parts, so you will need to find some references. There is one part of the instructions I have no idea what the purpose is for. There are various sized tear drop cutouts in the outer border of the unpainted fret. The idea is to soften the tips of plastic sprues by heating and to press the softened plastic into the cutouts. A tear drop shape is formed and you are instructed to remove the formed shape from the sprue. There is no indication of what to do with them though.

This is a superb and very welcome release from Eduard that will spice up the cockpit of the 1/32 Hawk. The cockpit of the Hawk forms a significant portion of the aircraft and with the side opening canopy a well detailed office will make for a great looking model. It will take a fair bit of time, experience and patience to do this release justice, but it will be well worth your efforts. Nice one Eduard.
Highs: Too many to mention.
Lows: Nothing that I can see.
Verdict: Outstanding, highly recommended, but make sure you are familiar with the art of using photo etched parts before using this set.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  Mfg. ID: 32699
  Suggested Retail: $32.95
  PUBLISHED: Sep 06, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

Our Thanks to Eduard!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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Aircraft are my primary interest from WWll to present day.

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Nice review.I think it's time to make a "in the pipe" section,because i was working on a review on this set too.
SEP 06, 2011 - 09:55 AM
Hi Sven Just because there is a review of a product on Aeroscale, does not mean that you or anyone can't do one on the same subject as well. We at Aeroscale always encourage modelers to send reviews, the more the merrier. After all I may have missed a thing or two. so please send your review in Sven. I would like to read what you think. All the best. tim
SEP 06, 2011 - 12:26 PM
Yes,i know. In fact i have the Kuivalainen set,not the Eduard set (both are the same ). I have the seatbelts set too. NHF,Kind regards,Sven.
SEP 07, 2011 - 10:39 AM
Similar? Yes, but they seem slightly different to me. This is probably the Kuivalainen set you're referring to? The set reviewed here is for a Mk.53, while the Kuivalainen one is for a Mk.51. The latter also comprises just one PE fret, is not self-adhesive, the pre-painted interior color is different, and the gun sights / HUDs seem to be specifically thought out for Finnish Hawks.
SEP 07, 2011 - 09:28 PM
Uh,oh.Yes i have that set.Since you seem to know lots on them,can you maybe send me any additional info to PM to make my review of the Kuivalainen set better and as accurate as possible. Kind regards,Sven.
SEP 08, 2011 - 07:01 AM
Nah, I wouldn't say I know a lot about Finnish Hawks, but I've been gathering references and other stuff for the Italeri 1:48 and Airfix 1:72 kits I got in my stash. But anyway, I think I could help you out. Wait a sec, I'll you a PM.
SEP 08, 2011 - 07:56 AM
Got it,thanks Eetu!
SEP 08, 2011 - 09:17 AM

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