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Model Workshop Accessories
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by: Tim Hatton [ LITESPEED ]


Brengun have released a number of 1/72 model accessories for anyone wishing to construct a workshop or maintenance diorama around their builds. Although not strictly aimed at aviation, these releases will certainly add that little extra to your diorama and save a lot of time and trouble scratch building them.

Included with this release are:
28 x double ended spanners.
12 x single ended spanners.
2 x 2 man wood saws.
3 x extendible grips.
4 x hacksaws, two sizes.
2 x toolboxes.

Some of the items are tiny so some careful cutting will be required to prevent the carpet monster devouring these beauties. The wood saw requires some bending at the ends so two handle [not supplied] can be inserted. The tool box requires folding and a length of wire [not supplied] is necessary to create a handle. The holes to accommodate the handles are pre drilled. The small sheet of instructions provide full details of what to do. The adjustable grips will be a bit challenge unless you are using a magnifying glass. The grips come in two pieces and will need gluing together.
Ref no: BRL72002.
Price: 4.82 euros.

Workshop Ladders.
Included with this release are:
1 x 9 rung ladder.
1 x 4 step ladder.
2 x work platforms both with 5 steps and rails.
Some careful cutting and folding will be required for the step ladder and working platforms. Brengun have designed generous creases in the PE parts to ensure that any folding will be relatively easy. The steps and the top working platforms are separate and will need attaching. The larger stepped platform and steps has linws etched into the surface simulating planks of wood or metal, while the smaller platform has a mesh type pattern etched into the surface of the steps and top platform. Full instructions are included. These will look very good if you wish to depict a maintenance scene around your 1/72 aircraft. I can visualise a couple mechanics servicing engines of a B-24 working from the platforms.
Ref no: BRL72005
Price: 7.90 euros.

Oxy-acetylene welding set.
Items included with this release:
2 x resin gas cylinders.
1 x cart.
2 x burners.
3 x bottle fittings and gauges.
The two resin gas cylinders have the valve safety caps cast on. So if you want to connect up the valves, hoses [not supplied] and burner, the safety caps will need to be cut off. The cart is made up of a chassis with an axle. This will need folding. A flat bed is fitted onto the chassis and onto the bed is fitted two gas cylinder supports. There are four spoked wheels on the fret, each wheel is made up by gluing two of the wheels together to reduce the two dimensional appearance. Full instructions are provided.
Ref no: BRL72011
Price: 5.48 euros.

Table and Chairs.
Well after a hard day working on some aircraft, your mechanics and fitters will need somewhere to relax. Brengun have released this delightful set of one table and four chairs with backrests. The chairs amazingly come in one piece, so there is a bit of folding to do. The table legs also needs folding and a separate table top is glued on. There are generous creases in the PE parts to ensure that any folding will be relatively easy.
Ref no: BRL72013.
Price: 5.05 euros.


Obviously these releases are not aimed at the aero modeler directly, but some of the items contained will be really useful for those that want to display their aircraft in a maintenance diorama, and as such will create a great deal of interest. Some of the items are a little two dimensional, but even so they are highly recommended.
Highs: Fantastic idea. Construction looks straightforward with good guidance from the instructions.
Lows: Some items a little two dimensional.
Verdict: I like these releases a lot and will be an excellent addition to any model displays. Nice one Brengun. Someone pass me the 1/72 1/2 inch spanner please.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: See text.
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 24, 2011

Our Thanks to Brengun!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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