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In-Box Review
Markers and Tokens
Wargaming accesories: Markers and Tokens
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by: Andrzej Snigorski [ ENDRJU007 ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma


Micro Art Studio - Polish manufacturer of figures and accessories for wargames. Their range of products include battle diorama bases, resin and hardfoam terrain elements, movement trays, miniature bases, accessories for figure conversions, fantasy and s-f miniatures, 70mm miniatures and other. In MAS catalogue wargamers may find also markers and tokens that may be used in many ways on miniature battlefield.
These accessories designed by Jan Cieślicki and Sebastian Makowy may be used for marking objectives, figures’, vehicles’ or squads’ status (wounded, damaged, shaken, attribute /-1, etc). Since they are not limited to one specific system they may be used in any wargame according to players’ needs and requirements.


Currently in MAS catalogue one can find these accessories:

Sets of 10 markers made from 3mm thick fluorescent and transparent acrylic, 4,88€ each:
Token Green "Minus" P00017
Token Green "Plus" P00015

Sets of 10 unpainted tokens made from 1,5mm thick two-layer mat laminate, 6,10€ each
Tokens "Mana" Red P00026
Tokens "Skull" Black P00025
Tokens "Time" Blue P00024

Sets of 5 objective markers made from 3mm thick fluorescent and transparent acrylic. Each marker comes as two pieces that snap together. They cost 4.88€ each.
Objective Markers "Arrow" P00007
Objective Markers "Chaos" P00010
Objective Markers "Gate" P00020
Objective Markers "Templar" P00023
Objective Markers "Wings" P00011
Objective Markers "Wolfs Head" P00021

Two sets of status markers:
Status Markers #1 P00001(4,88€) - unpainted, grey plastic markers and Status Markers #2 P00019 (5,49€) - made from 1,5mm thick two-layer mat laminate
Each set contain :
Weapon Destroyed Marker
Crew Shaken Marker
Crew Stunned Marker
Destroyed Wehicle Marker
Immobilized Marker

Two sets of Wound rings, each set contain 6 markers you can put on your figure to mark it as wounded. They are made from 3mm thick fluorescent and transparent acrylic. Each cost 3,66€.
Wound Rings Green - P00009
Wound Rings Orange - P00008


Since none of this tokens or markers are mandatory for any wargaming system their usefulness is only depending on personal preferences of players and may not be taken under consideration when rating these products. Therefore the only purpose of this review is to inform about the quality of products and about what to expect when buying MAS wargaming accessories.
Micro Art Studio sent us two examples of wargaming accessories from their catalogue: Objective Markers "Wolfs Head" and Tokens "Mana" Red which are quite good samples because they actually cover all types of materials and production techniques used to make these accessories.
Accessories come in standard Micro Art Studio blister with name of set printed on it. Parts are protected by dark-grey foam.

Tokens "Mana" Red
Blister contains 10 tokens made of 1,5mm thick two layer plastic. Lower, thicker layer is white, upper (thin) layer is red (or in other colors for other tokens (blue, black)). Tokens are about 16mm in diameter (which is irregular because of fiery shape). Edges are clean and nicely cut. Drawing on a token is clear and well-detailed – it is cut on the red side so the lines are white.
Tokens are firm and handy.
“ 1” and “-1” tokens are made of transparent acrylic so more useful information on this material may be found on “Marker” section.

Objective Markers "Wolfs Head"
Markers (with exception of Status Markers which are made of grey plastic) are made from 3mm thick fluorescent and transparent acrylic with graphics etched on them. Each marker comes as two pieces that snap together – base (cross shaped part that may be inscribed into a 27x27mm square) and main marker – a banner-shaped rectangular part about 5cm tall and 27mm wide.
Base and banner fit together perfectly (no glue is needed to assemble them) and they stand steady. Nice fluorescent green color makes the banner clearly visible. Edges are perfect and all surfaces are smooth and flawless. Drawing (in this case showing wolf’s head with runic subscription) is perfectly visible form any angle.
Since markers are actually perfectly visible and their design is not limited to any wargame system they may be quite useful on any bigger game to remind where the objective are placed exactly.


Micro Art Studio offered products that can be easily described as high quality products. As long as their usefulness may be a matter of discussion and depends on personal preferences of players their design and quality are out of discussion. These are clean, precisely made and simply good looking accessories.

Miniatures on some pictures are shown only for size comparison (figure has about 35mm).
Pictures with Historicus Forma watermark are made by Andrzej Śnigórski (Endrju007)
Other pictures came from Micro Art Studio catalogue.
Highs: Very good quality and nice design.
Lows: None spotted.
Verdict: It's difficult to rate usefulness of these accessories but their quality is absolutely worth recommending
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 07, 2010

Our Thanks to Micro Art Studio!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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