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In-Box Review
Gaz 66 Variants: by WWP Publications

by: James P. Welch

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This new title is N6 in the ever expanding series by WWP publications of Poland. The text is, finally, in English throughout. !!!!! While the english is easily comprehensible, there are some areas where it gets the jitters and you'll have to think a bit. The photography is clear, sharp, and precise. The variants title is somewhat misleading as only three vehicles are covered: the Gaz 66 cargo version, a slight look at the outside of the the Gaz 66K shelter version, and it's cousin, the Airfield tanker truck. There is also a section dedicated to the ZSu 23-2 A/A gun. Why you might logically ask? Well, fact is, these were and still are often mounted on the gaz 66 truch platform bed. For true detail maniacs, there are complete undercarriage details (see ya next year). A thorouhgh coverage of the vehicles in question, make this a must for all Soviet/Russian post war soft skin buffs. This is the perfect starting point for those Gaz 66 kit builds that were released by Revell et al. Now as an unashamed personal plug, get a set of Dream Catcher resin replacement tyres, and you'll find you project rolling right along. Highly recommended!! The Captain Jack**** stars and bars approval rating! Get your yesterday.

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  PUBLISHED: Jul 06, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

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