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In-Box Review
Discworld Esme Weatherwax
Discworld Miniature Esme Weatherwax II
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by: Andrzej Snigorski [ ENDRJU007 ]

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Historicus Forma


Discworld is a fantasy (or rather a comedy fantasy) book series by Sir Terry Pratchett. All parts are set on flat world placed on backs of four giant elephants which stand on a back Great A’Tuin – giant turtle. Sun and moon orbit around them and turning of disc assures changes of seasons (eight of them). Terry Pratchett created and carefully described vast number of characters and places that evolve through whole series.
One of locations described in some of Discworld books is kingdom of Lancre situated in the Ramtop mountains, about 500 miles Hubwards of the city of Ankh-Morpork. Lancre is famous for witches – wise women using rather „headology” than wizard magic as it is taught in the Unseen University. Headology is more finding the right lever that makes everything else work.
The main witches in Discworld books are the Lancre coven: Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick (being some sort of Triple Goddess parody).
Esmeralda Weatherwax (also known as Esme, Granny, or Mistress Weatherwax) is the most respected witch of Lancre. She is a wise, stubborn, very powerful witch and specialist of headology.
If she can help it, she wears a plain black dress, a somewhat battered black cloak and a tall, pointed witch's hat, skewered to her “iron-hard grey bun” hairstyle with multiple hatpins.
One of the situations when she had to leave her usual appearance was during Masked Ball in the city of Genua when she tried to act without being recognized.

The figure

Micro Art Studio offers another figure from their Discworld Miniature series sculpted by Łukasz Krysa showing Esme Weatherwax dressed for a Masked Ball in Genua (as described in “Witches Abroad”). Esme wears clothes unusual for her and she is obviously not happy with it. She wears huge XVIIIcentury-like white wig with feathers, beads and ribbon – this wig makes whole figure about 5cm high. Her dress looks like from XVIII-XIX century with bustle and pleats and ribbons. She stands straight holding a fan in her right hand on the hip level. In her left hand she holds a carnival mask.

The Kit

Kit comes in a blister with Paul Kidby’s Discworld artwork and name of the kit printed on it.
Parts are protected by foam and although they can move inside the blister they came without any damage.
Box contains only three parts: Esmeralda Weatherwas, her left hand holding the mask and round plastic base which is actually a plastic circle with a slot in the middle. Micro Art Studio logo attached to figure matches this slot so the base may be somehow useful during painting, but it doesn’t look too good for a final base (may be a good base for a base).

Assembly and painting

No assembly instruction is present and none is actually needed. Fitting is good and no filling should be necessary.
No painting instructions are also present but at least three are available:
- first: description from “Whitches Abroad”: from lecture of this great book one can learn that in Nanny Ogg’s opinion Esme looked good in white (so this should be main color of the dress) and that the mask represented white eagle’s head with black feathers,
- second: google XVIII dress or XIX dress – a lot of possibilities, just keep for pastel colors as for most ball dresses,
- third: Micro Art Studio catalogue picture (available on their website), which (apart from the mask) binds both options mentioned above.

Detailing and quality

Figure is cast in white metal. Casting is good, details are clean and crisp and no errors had been spotted. Usual seam line is visible but it is not big and should be very easy to remove. Details are very nice – clothes, ribbons and pleats have natural look. Face is sculpted with great care, and it looks really good. All the wrinkles are perfectly showing Esme’s age and disgusted look shows her usual attitude. Feathers on a wig look great as well. Carnival mask is plain on the back and quite simply sculpted on the front, but after painting it should look nice as well.


Really nice 30mm white metal kit. Great offer for any Discworld fan who wants to have this unusually looking Esmeralda Weatherwax on the shelf. Properly painted will be real eye-catcher.
Good quality of figure is its undisputed advantage.
What the figure lacks is marble floor base (which can be easily made, but still it would be a great addition) because the plastic base attached may be useful but definitely not a final base.

Pictures of painted figure came from Micro Art Studio’s website
Highs: Good quality, nicely sculpted with dose of humor, great subject.
Lows: Seam lines, lack of proper base.
Verdict: Good quality, funny and interesting figure in average price. A must-have for Discworld fans.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: D00210
  Suggested Retail: 9,76€
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 06, 2010

Our Thanks to Micro Art Studio!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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About Andrzej Snigorski (endrju007)

My first contact with model making took place over 20 years ago – I’ve made few models of planes when I was 9. They were all destroyed in one disastrous accident. Pain after loosing results of my own work was so big that I’ve left model making for about 15 years ;) . I’ve returned to building models...

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Great, just great... for any Discworld fan, these figures are an amazing treat. I have just re-read Masquerade; this is a great sculpt displaying an uneasy posture of a witch dressed in a fancy garment for some "undercover" work... Thanks for the review Andrzej... I'm glad you included some "facts" about Granny in the review too. Mario
AUG 06, 2010 - 03:05 AM
Not what you expect to see the unoffical leader of the witches wearing. Great review Andrzej. Only problem is the size, they are to small, I wouldn't be able to see them. Andy
AUG 06, 2010 - 03:19 AM
True, those are very small, but I'm still eager to get some of those Discworld miniatures. I'm amazed how talented the sculptor is to do wonders in this scale. Mario
AUG 06, 2010 - 06:02 AM
Guys, thanks for reading and comments. These 30mm minis are small, that's for sure, but after painting one the rest doesn't look so small after all... As for other Discworld miniatures - please be patient: Bursar review will be ready in few days (I hope ). Andrzej
AUG 06, 2010 - 07:03 AM

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