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Tool Review
New Scribe-R Blades
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

It's always fun when a package arrives and you realise it's from Radu Brinzan. An immediate reaction is "What's he invented this time?!" For the uninitiated, Radu is both a master modeller (creating patterns for many of the top resin kits and aftermarket accessories available) and also one of the most innovative designers of modelling tools that I know of.

This time it's variations on a theme, with a quartet of new blades for his unique Scribe-R system. I reviewed the original tool HERE and it's since become my standard scribing tool of choice - and I find the roughened back edge of the holder is absolutely indispensable for restoring panel lines around fuselage seams and wing leading edges etc.

The new Scribe-R blades work on the same principle as the original and fit into the same standard holder. However, they are designed for quite different specialist scribing tasks:

Set #RB-T021 and RB-T021R
These include a selection of asymmetrical angled blades. The idea is that, instead of scribing a plain groove as usual, these blades produce one vertical wall and the second one at an angle. This is perfect for representing hinge lines on control surfaces etc. The two sets are mirrored left and right, and each includes 4 x Scribe-R holders and 4 x blades at the following angles: 30, 45, 60 and 75.

Set #RB-T020 and Set #RB-T022
One of the hardest things I find to scribe is close parallel lines, particularly around curves; the slightest discrepancy is so obvious. These sets are a dream come true and make this awkward job a cinch!

Again designed to fit the standard Scribe-R holder, there are a series of blades that produce parallel lines at the following spacings:

Set # RB-T020 - .35mm, .5mm, .75mm and 1mm
Set # RB-T022 - 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 1.75mm and 2mm

The beauty of the Scribe-R system is that the blades are quickly interchangeable and fit into a standard X-Acto style modelling tool handle. This makes is feasible to build up a wide selection of different scribers for specific tasks without spending a fortune, and the range is rapidly growing to be both the most adaptable and cost-effective available. Highly recommended.

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Verdict: Easy to use and very cost-effective, the unique Scribe-R system has become my standard scribing tool of choice.
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  PUBLISHED: May 27, 2010

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