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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

The RB-SAW is actually a series of items - a dedicated holder and 4 x interchangeable etched stainless steel blades:

RB-SAW - Universal holder
RB-T014 - Rapid Cut Saw Blade (12 teeth per cm / 30 teeth per inch) - 6.00
RB-T015 - Medium Saw Blade (16 teeth per cm / 40 teeth per inch) - 3.00
RB-T016 - Fine Saw Blade (24 teeth per cm / 58 teeth per inch) - 3.00
RB-T017 - Ultra-Fine Saw Blade (48 teeth per cm / 120 teeth per inch) - 3.00

The coarse Rapid Cut blade (pictured in the accompanying photos) is ideal for heavy work such as cutting through sprues and resin casting blocks. It's extremely sharp and goes through styrene or resin like the proverbial hot knife through butter.

The remaining blades are progressively finer. RB-T015 and T016 are ideal for general modelling tasks requiring precision, such as conversions and separating control surfaces and canopies. Finally, with T017, it's no exaggeration to say this is probably the finest saw I've yet come across - at first glance, you might not even see that it has teeth!

An unusual feature of the blades is that they have teeth along both edges and they run in opposite directions. This allows cuts on either the forward or reverse strokes - the latter offers extra control and it's often ideal to saw away from the piece you're working on to avoid damaging it.

Each blade has three sets of holes to allow it to be mounted in the dedicated holder either centrally, or offset to either side, to both give extra support or allow deeper cuts as required.

The RB-SAW holder comprises a simple metal piece that folds other to trap the blade, with a tongue that fits into a standard craft-knife handle. A pair of small bolts keep the blade stable. Initial assembly only takes a minute or two, and once that's done, switching blades is very straightforward.

The heavier blades can be used safely (provided you mind the teeth!) without the holder, but the Ultra Fine blade is quite delicate and you risk bending it if you're heavy handed, so the extra support offered by the holder is advisable.

The RB-SAW series is a very useful addition to the modelling toolkit, suitable for tasks from the most basic to the most delicate. Recommended.

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Highs: High quality blades with a convenient holder. Allows both forward and reverse cuts.
Verdict: The RB-SAW is an affordable and versatile series of etched blades that will prove a very useful addition to any modeller's toolkit.
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  PUBLISHED: May 17, 2009

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