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First Look Review
Mitsubishi F-2A/-2B Upgrades
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

Platz continue their series of etched upgrades for modern Japanese aircraft with a pair of 1/72 sets for the Hasegawa Mitsubishi F-2A and F-2B. The sets are produced for Platz by Eduard and, as you'd expect from this manufacturer, feature crisp etching and beautifully pre-painted details that even the most steady-handed of us couldn't hope to hope to reproduce with a brush.

Set M-72014 - F-2A - r.r.p. 1,470JPY
The single etched fret contains 40 new parts and deals mostly with the kit's interior. The basic ejector seat is completely transformed with no less than 14 etched pieces, which include extra details for the seat frame and headrest and, of course, the obligatory harness. The consoles and main instrument panel are replaced with superb pre-painted versions. The main panel is in two layers to give depth to the displays and instrument - just a drop of Future/Kleer is all that will be needed to glaze the apertures. The solid rudder pedals receive delicate perforated faces.

Turning away from the cockpit tub, the inside of the fuselage is improved with sidewall details and the top decking/cockpit sills receive a number of items, most noticeably a delicate HUD frame (the instructions mention a piece of film for the glass, but none is supplied).

The nosewheel leg benefits from a new oleo-scissor and finally, there's a 2-layer ring of blades to bring the engine face to life.

Set M-72015 - F-2B - r.r.p. 1,470JPY
It should be no surprise to learn that Platz's set for the two-seater follows a similar pattern, although this time there are no engine details. The pair of ejector seats are dressed-up with 13 new parts each (a bracket behind the headrest is not included this time) and the front cockpit gets the same etched panel and console. The rear cockpit benefits from a similar (not identical) 2-layer instrument panel and new side consoles. Etched rudder pedals are provided for both cockpits, along with sidewall details to fit under the kit's cockpit sills.

Once again there's a petite HUD mounting and, last but not least, a new oleo scissor for the nosegear.

Instructions & Conclusion
The assembly is clearly drawn in typical colour-coded Eduard-style on singe A-5 sheets, and although the notes are all in Japanese this hardly matters because the illustrations are self-explanatory.

Platz's detail sets for the Hasegawa F-2A and 'B will add some quite eye-popping detail to kits' tiny cockpits and take the standard models to new heights. Both sets include a number of quite small parts, some of which need to be folded to shape, so some experience working with etched upgrades is advisable. Highly recommended for fans of JSDAF aircraft.

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Highs: Precise details and excellent pre-painted parts.
Verdict: Whether it's the single- or two-seater F-2 that you're building, Platz's sets add plenty of detail where it counts.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: See text
  Suggested Retail: See text
  PUBLISHED: Mar 26, 2009
  NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本

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