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In-Box Review
German Tank Crew
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by: Charles Reading [ CREADING ]

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This kit is another dynamically sculpted figure set from Master Box Ltd. Depicting a Panzer III crew assisting their wounded comrades away from the battle. Two wounded, two assisting them and the commander defending their escape with a stick grenade.
the kit
This typical Master Box kit contains one sprue molded in light tan plastic. There are five (5) figures in this set. The Panzer commander standing alone, covers his retreating comrades with a stick grenade. One crewman carries a wounded tanker while another assists his brethren as they walk.
The box art depicts this crew leaving their burning tank through a field of tall grass as was common at Kursk. In the background is a partial rendition of MB3532 (Russian Tank Men 'Bail Out") which would make a nice diorama.

The molding is typical of Master Box wherein a minimal amount of flash along the seam lines are present. The sculpting of the faces is very well done as are the expressions. They depict the pain and determination of soldiers caught in this type of situation.
The uniforms depicted are consistent with the Kursk time frame.

There are no weapons other than a stick grenade molded into the commanders hand and a P-38 pistol molded in the hand of one of the non-wounded figures.

The figure that is being carried is molded so it appears his weight is pressing into the back of the figure carrying him.

There are no instructions other than photos on the box flip-side showing corresponding numbers to the ones on the sprue. There is a color chart showing the suggested painting guide with numbers for five different paint brands, Vallejo, Tamiya, Lifecolor, Humbrol and Agama

This kit contains another dynamically sculpted figure set from Master Box Ltd. The kit contains figures that will accurately depict a Panzer III crew assisting their wounded comrades away from the battle. The two wounded crewmen, two assisting them and the commander defending their escape with a stick grenade will make a fine additon to any diorama.
Highs: Pretty dramatic poses and well detailed molding. This will go well in an action type diorama or vignette.
Lows: Looks like each piece will require a certain amount of seam/flash clean up. Pose of the officer preparing to throw the stick grenade is a little awkward looking as compared to the box art.
Verdict: If your plans are for a Kursk era scene this is not a bad set. This set has better poses and "action" than some of the resin sets depicting this "bail out" type scene.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: MB3536
  Suggested Retail: $ 9.95
  Related Link: Master Box Ltd.
  PUBLISHED: Mar 11, 2009

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Nice review Charles these figures would be a welcome addition to MB already growing range thanks also to Shaun for the link
MAR 13, 2009 - 04:09 PM
looks like the old Dragon offering hopefully the fit of this set is better
MAR 15, 2009 - 02:39 AM
MAR 15, 2009 - 02:51 AM

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