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In-Box Review
Lysander Mk. III
Lysander Mk. III in Ilmavoimat service
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

The kit
Eduard's Lysander Mk III arrives in a solid conventional box with the parts bagged separately for protection. A nice touch is that the delicate resin parts are further protected with a layer of bubble-wrap. The kit comprises:

93 x grey styrene parts (16 not needed)
7 x clear styrene parts
14 x beige resin parts
112 x etched metal parts (some pre-painted) with an accompanying clear film for gunsights.
A set of canopy masks
Decals for 4 x colour schemes

The basic Lysander is a few years old now (originally released under the Gavia label), but you'd hardly guess it from the crisply moulded parts. There are no signs of flash or sinkage, and the knockout pins are kept out of harm's way and shouldn't be visible.

Surface finish consists of precisely engraved panel lines with some raised details like fasteners and vents. The extensive fabric areas are nicely handled - perhaps not quite as subtle as Eduard's latest efforts, but still very good and without the exaggerated "sagging" evident in some other kits.

A test fit of the main parts shows no problems. The fuselage and tail line up well enough, as do the wings halves. You can't actually attach the wings until the complex cockpit structure is fitted.

Complex cockpit? Eduard have gone to town on what is one of the high points of the kit. With a mix of styrene, etched and resin items, the cockpit is made up from more than 60 parts. There are pre-painted seat harnesses, instrument panel, consoles and fascias. Meanwhile, the standard etched fret supplies a delicate basket-style pilot's seat, a perforated gunner's seat and a multi-part mounting for a finely cast resin Lewis gun.

Unlike in their previous "ProfiPack" Lysander, Eduard have left Gavia's styrene engine pretty much alone. For the most part, this is no great loss, as their resin engine cylinders last time weren't a major improvement over the original styrene ones, but it is disappointing to see that the resin exhaust collector ring hasn't been included again. With this release, there are etched push-rods and mounting bracket, resin oil cooler intakes and a 4-part etched adjustable-style carburettor intake that must be folded to shape. The propeller blades seem a little flat, so I'll have to check Hendon's Lizzie next time I've helping behind the scenes.

A big plus over Gavia's kit is the provision of etched bomb racks - Mk.1 Light Series and Universal No.1 carriers. It's just a shame that there are no stores to hang from them.

The transparencies are crystal clear with sharp frame details and a real bonus is the set of die-cut kabuki tape painting masks that will save a lot of hassle. The gunner's canopy is correct for the Mk.IIIA, with a "kink" in the front and a longer lower edge. Unfortunately, this is a problem here, because the Finnish Mk. IIIs were taken from the first production batch (s/n R8991 - R8999 became LY114 - LY122) and, as such, should carry the early-style canopy with a straight front edge. Modification is going to be very difficult, entailing changes to both the canopy and fuselage, so most modellers will probably have to just turn a blind eye to the issue if they want to use the Finnish markings. (Thanks to Steffen Arndt for alerting me to the problem.)

Last, but certainly not least, is the undercarriage and Eduard have included a nice set of resin skis. They have detailed legs, but these will be hidden under etched collars. Perhaps they can be displayed in a servicing scene - if not, a solid resin plug would have been simpler and provided a stronger attachment.

Instructions & Decals
The assembly diagrams are clearly drawn, breaking construction down into 21 logical stages. As usual, Eduard recommend Gunze Sangyo paints throughout.

In a new move, Eduard have followed the style set by Classic Airframes by printing the painting guide in black and white, with colour artwork available on-line. The four schemes featured are:

A. LY-116, 2/LeLv 16, Hirvas, January 1943
B. LY-118, 2/LeLv 16, August 1945
C. LY-119, 2/LeLv 16, Viiksjärvi, February 1942
D. LY-120, 2/LeLv 16, Nurmoila, June 1942

The decals are very nicely printed in perfect register on the review sample. The items are thin and glossy with minimal carrier film evident. Full Hakaristi (Finnish swastikas) are provided.

Eduard's Limited Edition Lysander is quite a complex kit and experienced modellers will relish the challenge of the comprehensive etched details and well-cast resin parts. Needless to say, these extras do push up the price - consequently, it's almost twice the cost of the original Gavia which has been out of production for some time. Perhaps Eduard can be convinced to also release a Weekend Edition Lysander that would be more suitable for beginners.

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Highs: A well produced kit with cleanly moulded styrene parts backed up by excellent etched and resin details. High quality decals. Painting masks included.
Lows: The gunner's canopy is incorrect for a Finnish aircraft. All the etched and resin extras are unsuitable for beginners and the kit is rather pricey if you decide not to take advantage of them.
Verdict: Strictly speaking, because of the canopy, you can't build an accurate Finnish Lizzie. If you can turn a blind eye to that, Eduard's Lysander in Finnish service is a nice twist from more usual fare and the skis offer scope for interesting winter dioramas.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 1138
  Suggested Retail: $59.95
  PUBLISHED: Sep 17, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

Our Thanks to Eduard!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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About Rowan Baylis (Merlin)

I've been modelling for about 40 years, on and off. While I'm happy to build anything, my interests lie primarily in 1/48 scale aircraft. I mostly concentrate on WW2 subjects, although I'm also interested in WW1, Golden Age aviation and the early Jet Age - and have even been known to build the occas...

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Very nice review. You mention the resin exhaust collector ring not being included this time around, so I dug up the product info on Eduard's site: profipack lysander I'm a bit surprised too that they didn't include the collector ring. Well, the exhausts aren't very complicated to make from flexible vinyl tubing, but the resin part would have been a nice addition. I remember reading some build articles about this kit in the past and people usually mentioned the need for sanding the ends of the engine cylinders to make it fit inside the cowling. I got the earlier Gavia version in my stash along with Eduard's PE set for it, and instructions of the PE set mention the need for the slight sanding. I wonder why it was left out this time, as the kit's the same? On a Finnish modeling forum there was some conversation about the kit and it was mentioned that the flying angel markings on the fin/rudder are supposed to be silver instead of white (funny that they're correct in the Gavia version...) Anyway, it's good to see Eduard having read their references, with each aircraft having subtly different angels, as in real life. On one little thing I have to disagree, though. the resin machine gun included is a Lewis gun, not a Vickers K. See: Vickers K Lewis gun (a replica of a slightly different variant, but you get he general idea) I hope we'll be seeing more Finnish subjects from Eduard. (I have this utopian wish that they'll someday continue their series of American ww2 fighters with a Brewster F2A-1/B-239!)
SEP 18, 2008 - 06:31 AM
Cheers Eetu I had conflicting refs in the 4+ Publications and Mushroom books for whether a Lewis or a Vickers K was carried, and I plumped for the latter. Actually comparing the resin gun with photos (Dohh! Why didn't I just do the simple thing too?! LOL!), it definitely is a Lewis! I'll amend the review text. All the best Rowan
SEP 18, 2008 - 07:40 AM
Hi, According to this book on Finnish dive bombers I have, Lysanders had either a Lewis or Vickers K in the rear station.
SEP 18, 2008 - 07:59 AM
does anyone know if the locating holes(on the wings) for the wing struts have been put in the right position on this kit? if i remember rightly they were about 5mm out in the gavia kit. paul
SEP 19, 2008 - 08:30 PM
Hi Paul When Eduard released the Gavia kit for their ProfiPack version, the strut locations were moved inboard slightly to correct the wing-droop that critics had picked up on (the marks of the originals are still faintly visible as a change in texture). In fact the positions on the Gavia kit match both sets of plans I have, so I rather think that it was actually the length of the struts, not where they attach, that was the issue. I'll have to take a look at the real thing when I'm up at Hendon to confirm that. All the best Rowan
SEP 27, 2008 - 10:34 PM
Hendon? I assume that is the RAF Museum at Hendon you're talking about here? I'm going there in a few days anyway so i'll check it out. I don't remember a Lysander from previous visits, though it's been a long time. Of course a visit to the nearby Hannants store will also be happening. Andrew
SEP 27, 2008 - 11:05 PM
Hi Andrew It's in the Battle of Britain hall, near the V2. Ironically, I was cleaning it a month or so ago, but didn't think to check the struts. I should be up at Hendon today, but I've got a lousy cold, so I won't risk passing it on to the rest on the crew. All the best Rowan
SEP 27, 2008 - 11:17 PM
i was also up there recently....but forgot to check as well.... hmm i must look into joining hendon to help out,problem is i'm a bit busy at the moment,but i love the place.
SEP 29, 2008 - 08:19 PM
Hi Paul It would be great to see you in the Flying Ms - we can always use the help and, of course, it's an aircraft modeller's dream getting near the exhibits. One of the "little jobs" we're tackling is restoring the interior of the Halifax - there's not a lot left to do... Hope to see you at Hendon one day, all the best Rowan
OCT 02, 2008 - 07:03 AM

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