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In-Box Review
Rider on the horse
Rider on the horse (Manequin)
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by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

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Historicus Forma


A new Russian miniatures firm called Authors Sculpt , appeared soon after Korean Seil Models closed down . And that was not by lack as Sergey Zlobov and Yuri Serebriakov (2 of Author’s Sculpt miniatures founders) used to sculpt for Seil Models.

They decided to start their own business along with a third colleague Eugene Bogomolny,and with the prospect of engaging more sculptors in this project .

The first kit from this company that we will review is a 75mm Mannequin rider and a same scale Horse, sculpted by Russian Master Sergey Zlobov.

Packing – First Impression

The box is totally different from the usual figures boxing so far. A relatively big box that gives the impression of a book, with hard cover outside. When opened reveals a comfort space for the parts that are packed in plastic bags , and protected from plastic air bubble material. Nice and clever packing style. The box art picture is not a painted miniature as it usually is , but exactly what you receive in the box. The unpainted kit constructed.

The Kit (what’s in the box)

This 75 mm kit, and I think that is a really clever choice, as there are many 54mm options for mannequins but not in 75mm. And having a rider with a horse, makes the choices even more.

The kit comes in a cream colored rsin material and in a total of 13 pieces.

The horse is consisted of 2 big pieces for the whole body and head together. 3 more pieces for the horse hair and tail, and 4 more pieces in 2 pairs for stirrups and horse bridle bits.

Now the rider is parted in 5 basic pieces. Feet, head , torso, 2 arms.

Quality – Detail

Now is not very often to review a mannequin but this one is a nice pair with the horse !that’s why I will start with it !. The 2 big pieces that make the horses body along with the head, really show what proper mechanics can do in figures “cutting” for casting. They fit together as perfect as you can never imagine for a horse. They snap and stay as one even without glue! Simply perfect without gaps or problems to be puttied !

The tail and mane also fit nicely and with some glue in 5 miniutes you will have the horse ready for further detailing (saddle e.t.c.)

The rider’s mannequin is nicely proportioned and making a nice fit in size for the horse of the kit. Of course you can turn it to anything you would like to !

The detail that was to be sculpted in such a form of a kit is really good, and especially the horse has a nice pose, and everything looks really fine on it .

The casting is brilliant, with a smooth and flawless surface, with no bubbles, marks or other kind of problems at all. Not even mold lines to clean , so ..just perfect

This means that with minimal preparation you can go on sculpting the rest of the rider, and adding equipment and detail on the horse .


This is a different kind of kit than the ones we usually review, but will satisfy all the “wannabe” sculptors and also people that would love to have a really good bare 75mm horse to use with another figure and a nice rider mannequin.
Few pieces and easiness of assembly make the kit a dream !

High quality casting , good proportions and your imagination will turn this to a personalized masterpiece !

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Highs: Perfect casting quality, nice proportions, and amazing fit at the pieces of the horse
Lows: I would ask fror some basic saddle setup, just for a base
Verdict: Highly Suggested
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 75mm
  Mfg. ID: AS002-75Z
  Suggested Retail: 100 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 07, 2008

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