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In-Box Review
Dryad of the Forest
Dryad of the Forest
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by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

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Historicus Forma


This is the first bust release ever by the Greek firm “YS Masterpieces”.

YS is not a new company in business as for many years they have created naval models of high precision and accuracy , and as a casting company is also making all Pegaso castings in resin (sceneries, busts, Fantasy figures, e.t.c.)

Figure line of YS Masterpieces is a new effort and it shows “by the box” that there is a lot of potential to go ahead with nice products and happy customers.

We will review here, a female bust kit called “Dryad of the Forest” (even on the box writes “In the Woods”) and is scaled in 200 mm, sculpted by Greek Sculptor G . Gurogianis, and the box art painted from Michael Gurogianis.

Packing – First Impression

Packing is impressive as the box is a luxurious black one made of hard sturdy carton, It reminds me Young miniatures boxing and is really good sized to have the pieces placed in comfort, and safety. Inside there is further protection with small plastic bags , sandwitched between dark colour foam material sheets, which make the setup pretty safe .

As i usually say remember that this kind of box is really handy to keep after painting the model for many uses .

The Kit (what’s in the box)

The kit comes in a light grey color resin and in a total of 7 pieces (bust, sword, ponytail, left wrist with wood stick, wood stick,light , base).

The 200mm bust represents a dryad in the woods, as it is portrayed in the box art.

Quality – Detail

Once again what you realize opening the box is the high quality of casting, which is at the same level of the biggest companies in the miniature world.

A professional’s work , with good quality material, with perfect surface , no imperfections of any kind .

The cleaning to do for this kit, is a thin casting line across the back of the lady , which “falls” on the limit of the sword to be hanged there, and the placing of the pony tail , so with few minutes work , everything will be fine, and nothing will show, that there was a line cleaned .

But this bust also has a great sculpting quality !. The detail level is amazing , and the female form is really awesome. The pose of the body is atmospheric but also sexy at the same time . I was really surprised to see this as a total as I dry fitted the parts . it looked really good. First thing you say , is “ I will paint it” . and for me that do not paint many busts this was a surprise !

Check the close up pictures of the details, jewelry, wooden stick surface, hair, head cloth , everything is brilliant in detail, and sculpting of high level.

The face of the girl is beautiful , as is the rest of her upper body , if you know what I mean !

The sword handle has enough space on its flat part to put a small metal pin for attaching it at the main part of the bust, and secure it.

The small base is really made, with some cracks and lines, and can be representing many different materials when painted.


Despite the fact that , there is a box art suggestion, the theme is rather free, and mostly fantasy , so many interpretations would work !Tatooing her is definitely a good option as the box art painter has done.

Many different items and surfaces to treat (flesh, leather, wood, cloth, metal) will make it a good session for painters, but I am quite sure that the result will be rewarding .

This will demand some work for sure to make it good , as there ia a lot of outlining to do, due to many different objects incorporated, but it will deserve the effort.


This first bust release is a brilliant effort for YS Masterpieces in the range of figures .

The superb sculpting with many details, and additional items that attract interest (wooden stick, small candlelight e.t.c. ) make this one a must for bust lovers. But even for painters that are not dealing a lot with busts this can prove equally attractive (at least judging by myself)

I really hope that YS Masterpieces will continue to make nice models like this one, and also try alternative themes , so new surprises will come !!!

Highly Recommended

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Highs: Superb sculpting, nice details, superb casting , make this bust a painters dream
Lows: I tried ..but could not find one ....
Verdict: Highly Suggested for bust lovers and not only
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 200mm
  Mfg. ID: BU-001
  Suggested Retail: 49.00 Euros
  Related Link: YS Masterpieces
  PUBLISHED: Sep 07, 2008

Our Thanks to YS Masterpieces!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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