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In-Box Review
German SP gun crew set 2

by: DMD [ DMD ]

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This kit consist out of two sprues. Sprue A contains the parts to make 6 figures and the other sprue have some extra equipment and weapons. Both sprues are in grey plastic. When I first saw this box on the shelves, I really wanted to have it. This is the second SP gun crew set from tristar and like the first one I knew it would be good. While opening the box I discovered two different brass ammo rounds (88mm and 75 mm) with high quality details. To my opinion this will really make your figures more valuable while finishing them.


Sculpted details
For injection moulded figures they surpass other brands or are at least similar to keep the sculpting standards high. The box text refer to contain 6 figures, well thatís part of the truth because the driver figures is just the upper body.

The poses of the figures look really realistic and the facial expression is really good. I only spotted one little error but I think this is not a standard error.
The figures donít need a lot of cleanup, they only have a little moulding seam but I never spoils one the figures.

As a bonus 2 figures have spare heads wearing field or forage caps. So thatís an other advantage in this kit.

So in this set you have a gun commander, the loader , two gunners to match a marder or nashorn, a tank driver and a standing crewmember holding an ammo round.

The other sprue contain some weapons and personal equipment. Included are a binocular, gas mask containers, some meal tins, three mp 40ís, four german helmets, one luger pistel and three kar 98k rifles.

To only notification I have here, is that this sprue is not that special. The kar 98k rifles are not that high detailed and are similar with tamiyaís old weapon sets. Still not that bad as a bonus sprue.

The box art also have a paint reference for tamiya, humbrol, Mr. color, Mr metal color and aqueous hobby color. To keep it simple I stick to tamiya and humbrol.


So is it worth spending 18 $ on this set ? (Edited: Listed at $13.45 at www.Greatmodels.com) well to my opinion yes. The first goal of the kit is providing figures for a Nashorn or a Marder.
You have a special gunner for the marder and one for the Nashorn. While the loader is provided with an extra arm depending which afv you chooses.

But I discovered that one of the gunners also fits on the tamiya flak gun, so you can conclude that the poses of the figures are looking natural and could fit to every scenery. The only exception are the clothing and the second gunner offcores.

If I was you go rapidly to your local stores and just buy this great set.

When I first saw this box on the shelves, I really wanted to have it. This is the second SP gun crew set from tristar and like the first one I knew it would be good.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 007
  Suggested Retail: 18 euro
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 29, 2003

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