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Hurricane 1/24 Scale Flaps.
1/24 Scale flaps for the Trumpeter and possibly Airfix Hawker Hurricanes.
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by: Mal Mayfield [ HOLDFAST ]

I mentioned in my review of Cammettís etched Spitfire flaps, in 1/24 scale, that etched brass certainly has its uses and it comes into its own when provided for thin section flat areas such as aircraft landing flaps. Well Cammett have done it again, this time providing etched flaps for 1/24 scale hawker Hurricanes. These are probably for Trumpeters 1/24 Hurricanes but, with modification, they will likely fit the Airfix kits. As there was no formal packaging I assume that this release is hot off the press.

The etched fret.
The etchings are similar to the Spitfire flaps and are of high quality, much like Eduardís world renowned efforts, having nice rivet detail on the underside part of the flap. The inner faces of the flaps have nice raised areas against which the ribs go, there are rivets on the other side of this raised detail, so itís fairly obvious which side the ribs actually go. Unlike the ribs on the Spitfire flaps this ribs are all the same, so no problem which one goes where, with a couple of spare to feed the carpet monster. Another nice touch is that the ribs are secured on the fret by very slim connections, which will make removing them and cleaning them up much easier. Hinges are included but, unlike in the spitfire, set no tube. Be aware that, do to the etching process, the flap sections, which require laminating together, are slightly bowed along their length. This is not a problem, just glue along one long edge first and, when dry, glue and clamp the other long edge.

The instructions.
The instructions come on only one page of A4, showing a parts map of the fret and simple written instructions. There are no photographs of the finished parts, like in the Spitfire set, but these are simpler flaps and, after reading the instructions a couple of times, everything was clear. That is apart from whether to laminate the hinge pieces in pairs. There are enough to do this and the slots look wide enough so I would do it.

If you want to add flaps to your 1/24 scale Hurricane then look no further this is another excellent product from Cammett. Looks like Iíll have to get myself one of those Trumpeter Hurricanes as well.
Highs: High quality photo etched parts which will add some very nice detail if you want to drop the flaps on your 1/24 scale Hurricane.
Lows: No photographs of the finished article unlike with Cammetts Spitfire release. A picture paints a thousand words.
Verdict: If you want to drop the flaps on your 1/24 scale Hurricane then this set will certainly give you what you are looking for and will provide an easy way for you to get the detail that you want.
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  Scale: 1:24
  PUBLISHED: Jul 24, 2007
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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