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In-Box Review
Briton Warrior, 1st century A.C.

by: Alguhan Akşar [ WAMPUM ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma

Disclaimer: The images above were supplied by the manufacturer and painted by their artists.


One of the nice figures from the ancient era series of Pegaso. Offers a good subject that features a colorful figure in great details with a good posing and a realistic figure base. The Briton Warrior is standing on the mortal remains of a Roman centurion showing proudly a silver “phalerae” on his breast, the merits of his enemy.

The figure comes in standard Pegaso Models Elite Series blue cardboard box. The front cover shows the figure painted by Emiliano Iacobacci & Pietro Balloni from 3 different angles.

Inside the box, there are 2 paper sheets including a short historical info about our Briton Warrior and painting tips for this figure. This document is prepared by Marco Giuliani and presented in 4 languages; English, Italian, French and German.

Parts are well protected between two slabs of thick gray polyfoam.


The figure is sculpted by Gianni La Rocca and made up of 9 white metal parts. All parts are cast clean and crisp with good details. No serious cleaning, sanding or filling is required. Mounds and holes on the pieces help you for an easy and perfect fit.

Main part is the torso with legs. On this main piece over the fur waistcoat there is a phalerae and both are very well detailed. Under the waistcoat the Briton wears a chainmail of which sleeves are well detailed together with his cloak, as the second big part of the kit. A dry fit try shows that these two main parts are getting together perfectly, without resulting any gasps to fill.

Other parts are;

  • The bald head of the figure with his long beard and hair is a very realistic piece. Represents a very proud and experimented warrior’s face at first glance.

  • Left arm and the shield are casted together. The shield has a butterfly shaped plate on it. The metal strengthenings of the shield are clearly casted.

  • Right arm has a hole for fixing the hand which is casted together with the battle axe. The opposite side is ending in a mound shape to be fixed in its place on the figure.

  • Sword in its scabbard is very well casted. Handle and pommel have the classical details of the era.

  • The dagger is very well detailed.

  • The base is casted together with helmet, cloak, gladius, and a dagger of the enemy soldier. The margins of the base are nicely decorated and this gives a option to present the figure nicely without a wooden base.


    High quality casting, easy to assemble and well detailed pieces of a well posed figure. It is a nice figure to paint with different possibilities of choosing the colors for well detailed dressing.

    A nice posing figure standing on his battle loot proudly showing his last gain; a Roman Centurion Phalerae.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 54mm
      Mfg. ID: 54-147
      Suggested Retail: 26,50 €
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      PUBLISHED: Nov 22, 2006
      NATIONALITY: United Kingdom
      THIS REVIEWER: 85.07%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 89.80%

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    About Alguhan Akşar (wampum)

    Born in 1973, Istanbul.I'm married and I have two lovely sons. As a son of a modeller I've built many aircraft models when I was just a little kid. Then by my father's suggestions I've built some sailing ships in large scales. Later my favorites were 1/35 dioramas, mostly WW2 German till I met the ...

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    Thanks for the review Alguhan. For some reason I hadn't noticed this figure in the Pegaso catalogue before.... but after reading your review and studying all those great pictures I've definitely added him to my evergrowing wishlist. I'll say one thing for the Pegaso figures, and it's evident from your pictures, the casting is impecible. I've rarely seen figures with such clean casting. It really makes you appreciate the figure just that little bit more as it means less time cleaning up and more time painting... which means more time enjoying the figure! Thanks again for a great review, Alguhan. Rudi
    NOV 22, 2006 - 10:13 AM
    Rudi, The figure is an awesome one. The pose is great and with its detailed base the Briton tales a nice story. I am working nowadays on this figure and taking progress pictures. I'll share them when I can.
    NOV 22, 2006 - 01:08 PM

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