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Tool Review
Micro Mesh Polishing Kit

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]

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KitMaker Network

All modellers at some stage have had the problem of scratched parts. Aircraft modellers especially, but any modeller who needs to remove scratches or needs a high gloss finish. Scratch removal is possible with the aid of finer and finer grades of sandpaper or substitutes, but most modellers will have heard of the Micro-Mesh polishing system.

the system
The Micro-Mesh polishing system consists of a special series of finer and finer polishing pads and sticks that gradually polish out surface marks, leaving a high gloss finish. In this set there is a series of 9 double-sided pads, around 2 inches square, each side having an abrasive surface from 1500 coarse down 12000 fine. You are also given 3 sanding sticks, again, double-sided, with finer and finer grades on each side, a polishing cloth, and a small container of liquid polishing compound. All this comes in a handy transparent container for storage.

Apparently, the claim made by Micro mesh, is that a clear transparency that has been accidentally scratched, can be restore to Crystal-clear clarity with this system. Being primarily an armour modeller, and therefore not usually having a transparency to hand, I scratched a piece of normal styrene, and then used the system as per the instructions supplied to try and completely remove the scratch. I then removed the canopy from the only aeroplane model I have and repeated it.

The idea is that you only use the coarsest grade necessary to remove the original damage. If the one you select doesn't remove the damage, then select a coarser one etc. You sand in a straight line until only the scratches caused by the sanding remain, then switch to a finer grade, sanding at right angles to the last. Continue to do this until the desired gloss is achieved. if you require a high gloss finish then use the buffing compound and cloth supplied. The pads can then be rinsed in water ready for use again.

It's not that easy to see from the pictures, but both scratches were completely removed with the minimum of effort, and a high gloss surface was achieved. Apparently they can also be used, (carefully) to impart a high gloss finish to a painted surface too.

As a purpose-designed system for removing scratches etc., this system works. My thanks to Little-Cars.com for the review sample.
A solution to removing scratches and achieving a high gloss finish on plastic and painted surfaces.
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  Scale: Other
  Suggested Retail: 11.80
  Related Link: Little Cars
  PUBLISHED: Aug 19, 2006

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