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In-Box Review
French Knight ca.1250

by: Historex_Rob [ HISTOREX_ROB ]

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Historicus Forma


Resination is a Hungarian company with a wide range of 120 mm, 54 mm, 1/35 and 1/48 scale resin figures . Though their popular period is World War II, they cover all periods from the ancients through the Napoleonic wars and on to the present day.

RE 54043 is one of their figures representing a French Knight with a lance and kite shield.

the kit

The kit comes in 13 resin pieces. It appears to be quite nicely cast in a medium grey resin. Little evidence of casting flaws and only a few small air bubbles to be dealt can be seen at first look.

From what I have read, this knight is in jousting order, though the box art shows a campaign lance. I believe the armored shoulder plates were only worn at tournament. The lance shown is not included (but the lance tip is), so one will be free to fashion either the lance as shown, or a jousting lance.

Generally speaking, the hands are well done, but the right hand does not really grasp the lance as it should. If one was so inclined, this knight could be built without the lance, and the hand (or arm) slightly re-positioned.

The chain mail is a fair representation, and I feel, a little soft in detail. Still, once carefully painted, it should look fine.

From the references I have, the kit appears to be accurate, and a myriad of colors are possible for the helmet, plates, surcoat, etc.


This is a nice little kit for a reasonable price. It is quite well sculpted, and while some may say the pose is very static , there are those of us who find such majestic poses appealing.

The only thing that would make this kit better is the quality of the casting, but with some work and due diligence, these deficiencies can be easily over come.

Due to its low price, majestic posing and quite good resin quality ; this figure can be considered as a good choice to paint a medieval knight.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: 54043
  Suggested Retail: 9.96 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 05, 2006

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