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In-Box Review
CMK US modern Airborne UH-60 Crew #2

by: Anders Heintz [ ANDERSHEINTZ ]

Due to the current conflict in Iraq modern figures will be in demand. In this Review we will take a closer look at CMK's Modern US Airborne UH-60 Crew #2.

So whats in the box?
The figures come packaged in neat little plastic box with a picture of the content. There are several parts to the figures and at the first glance they look really good. There are 11 parts total; The two main bodies, the arms, heads, the anti tank weapon, machine gun magazine and the barrel for the machine gun. They are all well casted with little seams to clean up in a light gray resin. On my example I came across a few airbubbles but nothing major. The two main bodies have a lot of detail molded onto them. The detail is sharp and very good overall. The only thing I would say against the details, folds and wrinkles are at places pretty rough with sharp edges where there should be smooth edges. One example of this are the helmet covers. Both figures carry a large backpack, two canteens, gasmasks, smoke granades, ammo poches, hand granades shovels and first aid kits. All of these details are molded onto the figure, which to me is great as there are less parts to clean and assemble.

I have only assembled one of the figures so far. I choose to start with the soldier whos running. The arms and head were cut off with a set of wire cutters and there was no problems smoothing the softer resin with a file and x-acto knife. The fit of the parts were great, especially the machine guns's magazine which just poped in its slot. There are not many parts to assemble which allows fast build up and more time for the painting.

The final verdict
This set is extremely cool! The sculpting, the details, the casting and the subject are all great. Also the price is very attractive for what you are getting, you can't beat $10.40 for two resin figures of this high quality. I will more then likely purchase more of CMK's figures in the future and this set is very much recomended.
This set is extremely cool! The sculpting, the details, the casting and the subject are all great.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: F35071
  Suggested Retail: $10.40
  PUBLISHED: Mar 25, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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