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In-Box Review
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Accessories

by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

Cockpit Detail Sets
The cockpit on all the Tamiya '190s is a prime target for improvement and True Details have released two sets to improve the office:

TD 48482 - Fw 190D Cockpit Detail Set - RRP - $9.98 ($8.96 direct from Squadron)
TD 48488 - Fw 190F-8 Cockpit Detail Set - RRP - $9.98 ($8.96 direct from Squadron)

The two sets are largely identical and each consist of 8 well finely-cream coloured resin parts:

Cockpit Tub
Control column
Instrument panel
Rudder pedals

The most obvious difference in the cockpit tubs is the side consoles. They are well detailed and reflect the differences between the 'D and 'F, and unlike the Tamiya originals are the correct length with a wider area ahead of them around the rudder pedals. The floor features some subtle cables running from the cover ahead of the control column and some additional detail around the throttle damper. The sidewalls are simple affairs to bridge the gap between the top of the tub and the cockpit sill, but have a nicely depicted throttle and the wheel to wind the canopy open and closed.

The seat has a very well modelleded harness moulded integrally, and the control column is a definite improvement over Tamiya's, with firing switches and cabling.

The instrument panels are well detailed, and show crisp detail in the bezels which should repay careful painting. They match photos of the originals well, with different layouts - e.g. the 'D featuring an abbreviated auxiliary panel.

Lastly, the rudder pedals have deeper detail than Tamiya's and just lack straps to complete them.

The parts are designed as direct replacements for Tamiya's, so they should be really easy to install. The excellent instructions have very clear diagrams which show the minor preparation needed to the recipient kit, plus an additional diagram showing how the tub can be modified to allow it to fit TriMaster/Dragon '190s. On the reverse side of the instruction sheet is a full-colour painting guide with RLM references and FS equivalents.

Replacement Wheels
As well as the cockpit detail sets, True Details also offer two sets of replacement Fw 190 wheels:

TD 48022 - Fw 190A1-A7 RRP - $2.48 ($1.96 direct from Squadron)
TD 48011 - Fw 190A8-D12 RRP - $2.48 ($1.96 direct from Squadron)

The wheels feature completely different hub detail and "weighted" tyres. The "weighting" is perhaps a bit exaggerated, but the hub detail on the early-style wheels is much deeper than Tamiya's. Importantly, the wheels are slightly larger diameter than the undersized Tamiya originals.

The sets are well designed and reasonably priced to give an "instant" improvement to the Tamiya kits, but they can equally be used to give a boost to other manufacturers' Fw 190s - it would be interesting to see if the cockpit tub can be squeezed into the old Arii kit, which is still available in a number of guises. I'll be using the F-8 cockpit as part of my JG 300 build and the second set makes it dangerously tempting to start a Dora too... Recommended.
Tamiya's 1/48 Fw 190s have been available for many years. The kits have proved very popular, despite widespread criticism of some aspects of their design and, of course, a new A-8 has recently been added to the range. With fresh interest caused by the new version, now is an ideal opportunity to take a look at some update sets from True Details.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: TD48482
  Suggested Retail: $9.98
  PUBLISHED: Feb 26, 2006

Our Thanks to Squadron Signal Publications!
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