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Bubbletop Mustangs
Bubbletop Mustangs
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

The Mustang is a perennially popular modelling subject, but kit manufacturers often fall back on familiar markings options. Fantasy Printshop have released a new sheet in 1:72 and 1:48 as part of the Euro Decals range with a selection of wartime and post-war Mustangs serving with 6 different air forces which will be a real boon to anyone seeking something a bit "different" that will stand out in any line-up of Mustangs.

The sheets offer identical options in the two scales:

1. North American Mustang Mk.IV, KH673 GL-N, “Sweetpea”, 5 Sqn. SAAF, Italy, April 1945
2. North American F-51D Mustang, “K”, 1 Sqn., ROKAF, Chinhae Air Base, August 1950
3. North American Mustang Mk.IV, NZ2427, “27”, 3 Sqn. Territorial Air Force, RNZAF, late 1940s
4. North American P-51D Mustang, 44-11222, CV-I, “Jolie Hélène”, 368th FS, 359th FG, USAAF, 1945
5. North American J-26 Mustang, 26115, “K/4”, F.4, Frösön, Sweden, 1951
6. North American F-51D Mustang, A68-563, O-MP, RAAF, 1945

The sheets provide national and individual markings for every scheme, with no shared items, so you can build all 6 options. The decals are beautifully produced, with faultless registration on the sample sheets. The glossy items have minimal excess carrier film around national markings and larger code letters - and where there is fill-in to support smaller characters or groups of items it is crystal clear. The colours and the density of the inks look excellent.

The instructions are supplied as a 4-page A5 colour booklet, with each scheme illustrated as a clear 4-view diagram. I noticed that the special characters used in the instructions had gone adrift, but this is a minor problem and I expect it will soon be sorted out anyway. The colours for each option are given with FS, Humbrol, Xtracolour, Xtracrylic and Lifecolor matches.

Euro Decals' Mustang sheets are available now, direct from Fantasy Printshop:

Sheet ED-72119 Bubbletop Mustangs - Price: £8.95
Sheet ED-48119 Bubbletop Mustangs - Price: £13.95

Euro Decals' Mustang sheets look excellent quality as we've come to expect from all Fantasy Printshop products. The choice of nationalities offers plenty of variety with something to suit all tastes, and it’s refreshing to see a selection of postwar aircraft along with the wartime schemes.

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Highs: Excellent quality decals for an interesting selection of 6 schemes.
Lows: The special characters used in the instructions for these early samples have got "mangled". Hopefully will be rectified in later print runs.
Verdict: If you're looking for alternative markings for a bubble-top Mustang in 1:72 or 1:48, these sheets are definitely worth considering.
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  Scale: Multiple S
  Mfg. ID: ED-48119/ED-72119
  Suggested Retail: See Text
  PUBLISHED: Nov 08, 2018

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Nice choices! Where are they available from? Hannants? I could go for a swedish J-26.
NOV 08, 2018 - 08:12 PM

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