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In-Box Review
The Mountain Man

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma


Mountain Men have always been interesting figures for me , since i like nature and recreating it. So their environment of acting is offering me more possibilities for making a vigniette or a nice base for the figure and thus having more impressive presentation.

This is one more review of a Romeo Kit figure, Knowing that Italian Romeo is almost a “sister” company of Pegaso and also being attracted by the interesting thematology and nice figures of them , I hope these are figures that also interest you .

Seeing also the names of Artists that sculpt and paint for Romeo, in great percentage , are the top names of Pegaso. So there is good reasons to do some reviews of different themes from Romeo, and let Armorama members to get to know better with this nice Italian company based in Sicely.

Gianni La Rocca is one of the best well known sculptors in business. I have painted and stocked many of his figures and I like his artistic sculpting style. He has done nice Indians and Cow Boy figures , and a mountain man was normal to follow. So here it is : RM 54-47 Mountain Man in 54mm

The kit

A blue colored box with 2 white thick foam sheets , holds pretty safely all 8 white metal pieces of the figure. The quality of the metal parts is really very high, with smooth surface, and almost no cleaning need , than a pet with the fine steel wool to polish the figure.

A single sheet of paper holds bilingual (English and Italian) historical text by Ricardo Carrabino (that I transferred here for your information) and also a very detailed and accurate paint guide, piece by piece


  • The Torso with feet and right arm in one solid piece

  • Left arm -hand

  • knife with piece of clothe

  • Armband clothe stripe

  • Rifle

  • Small round base

  • Knife

  • Head with fur hat

    Quality and Detail

    The pose is nice with the rifle resting on his left shoulder , and shows a “loose” condition . It offers a pretty nice figure , that with a nice nature representation will be a gem .

    The Sculpture detail is nice , and that was expected since we talk of a pretty good and experienced sculptor and a very good casting quality. Very clean lines, nice pieces definitions and separations , face with the appropriate era style beard and character, and some strict look, and all detail is rendered amazingly realistically. Nothing more , nothing less than you need to say that “This figure is really good !”

    Material - metal – is very good , the surface is pretty smooth and clean and the total look is this of a modern figures company.

    No molding lines are evident , so the only thing you need to improve what you get, is make a soft touch with fine steel wool, to polish the metal. Then some washing in bath with a mild detergent – water mix to make it as clean as it gets before priming.


    This is not a very easy figure to paint .You have to recreate different textures like fur, different kinds of skin and that needs some effort and a bit of experience . Of course if you don’t try you will never learn ! The High sculpting level and the pieces of the figure will help a lot . So try to paint realistically the leather and fur and detail nicely other items of detail like knives and powder horn and will have a nice piece .

    Color combinations and choices are not fixed and you can try different things but having in mind some things from the dressing code of these guys

    Making the base will be a pleasure either doing a mountain site or some other kind of field . Try something different, some small tree, or some bushes, or even water , or snow , since the small base of the kit doesn’t offers much .

    Conclusion – Final Verdict

    One more nice figure from Italian Romeo Models , that brings the company closest to the top leading brands of figure making. Very high quality of metal , casting, and top names to sculpt and paint boxarts. You also have the Pegaso Quality guarantee in the so named release line of the !

    Highly Recommended

    Special Thanks to Lorenzo Romeo for the review sample
    Stay tuned for more Romeo Models figures to be reviewed soon .

    Historical Notes

    THE MOUNTAIN MEN 1690 - 1840 ( or Trappers )
    Around the year 1680 Louis XIV was engaged in the conquest of land in the New Continent (La Nouvelle France), and after having sent out contingents of regular regimental troops as well as Troupes de la Marine, he offered a piece of land to all those who left service, on condition that they settled in the new territories.
    These former soldiers, living in close contact with the American Indians and often marrying their women (squaws), adapted themselves to their new environment and, learning from the Indians, became skilled hunters. They were given the name of 'trappers' because their method of hunting involved the use of animal traps. They were also called 'mountain men', although this name was not totally fitting as they also moved down to the plains to hunt. In 1803 France sold President Jefferson the entire territory extending from the Mississippi valley to the Rocky Mountains.
    The Americans now had to find a route westward. Until then, the Rocky Mountains to the west of the Union had been considered an impassable barrier. The trappers, who from hunting beaver were familiar with the passes through the Rocky Mountains and the waterways leading to the Pacific, became instrumental in the westward expansion of America. Between 1810 and 1840 beaver fur was greatly in demand in America's eastern markets and was used to make hats and clothing. In order to procure the furs the trappers were ready to face risks: indians, bears and inhospitable environments, managing to live both in the deserts and snowy areas.

    They used dagger, axe and bow, and they also had a powerful rifle which fired only one shot - the Hawken model - as the repeating rifle had not yet been invented. The fur trade ended when the demand ceased. Many trappers had already passed into history by opening the ways west for those people who were to become the pioneers of the West.
    Historical research, text and translation: Riccardo Carrabino
    Text copied from Romeo Models Web Site

    A nice Mountain Man from Romeo Models, takes us to Nature of the previous century ! Gianni La Rocca sculpts .
      THEME - POSE:85%
      QUALITY - DETAIL:87%
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 54mm
      Mfg. ID: RM 54-47
      Suggested Retail: 23.50 EUR
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      PUBLISHED: Jan 30, 2006
      NATIONALITY: United States
      THIS REVIEWER: 88.76%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 92.18%

    Our Thanks to Romeo Models!
    This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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