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In-Box Review
Realistic Rifles
Realistic Rifles Set 2
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

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Platz have recently released a neat set of 1/12 weapons suitable for both manga and conventional military figure modelling.

The compact end-opening carton is certainly eye-catching - featuring a female manga sharpshooter. Apparently her name is Koruto Yaku, and she needs to be careful, or else she’s likely to catch a chill because her tunic is definitely a few sizes too small in the bust... In fact the packaging may work against the kit to some extent, because some modellers could dismiss it as a toy.

That would be a mistake, because the weapons included are really rather good. They are crisply moulded and appear to match reference photos pretty well.

The set contains parts for three different weapons, offering a pair of each:

Colt M4A1 - the classic American carbine in production since the mid ‘90s
Howa Type 89 assault rifle used by the Japanese Self Defence Forces
SVD (Dragunov) Soviet sniper rifle, fitted with a PSO-1 telescopic sight

There’s no sign of flash on the sample kit, and any ejector pins have been kept well out of sight. Slide moulds have been used to allow hollowed out barrels. Despite some of the parts being reasonably thick, they don’t suffer from sinkage, which shows Platz are allowing sufficient cooling time be1:1fore removing them from the mould. Full marks there - and I wish all manufacturers took as much care.

Construction looks very simple, with each weapon being made up of only a few parts. The Type 89 offers optional stocks and a bipod that can be displayed folded or deployed.
No slings are provided, but these will be easy enough to add if you wish. With careful painting and a little refinement such as opening up the front sight on the SVD, the guns should look very good.

A small fold-out sheet of instructions is provided, written mostly in Japanese but straightforward to follow. Colour matches are given for Gunze Sangyo and Testors paints, so you should have no problem finding what you need wherever you’re based.

Whether you're into conventional figure modelling and looking for modern weapons, or want to arm a Figma-style action figure to the teeth, Platz's Realistic Rifles set should be very useful.

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Highs: Very well moulded and nicely detailed.
Lows: The packaging might cause some modellers to dismiss them.
Verdict: This is a useful set of modern weapons for 1:12 figure modelling of all genres.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:12
  Mfg. ID: GUN-2
  Suggested Retail: 2,376 Yen
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 28, 2016

Our Thanks to Platz!
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