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In-Box Review
AH-1G Cobra Decals
AH-1G HueyCobra Part 1 U.S. Army in Vietnam
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

Fireball Modelworks created the decal set AH-1G HueyCobra Part 1 U.S. Army in Vietnam. This is the 1/32 set, product # FM32-D01.

I built Revell's venerable Huey Cobra here on Aeroscale and you can see it through Click here for additional images for this review, at the end of this review.

Fireball Modelworks is a private venture with this mission statement:
    Welcome to Fireball Modelworks! Our Mission is to bring interesting and overlooked subjects to the scale modeling community, with realistic prices and exceptional customer service.

    This all started back in 2004. I had been scratchbuilding some pieces to build a more accurate AH-1G HueyCobra and I thought, "Hey, maybe other people would like to have these parts, too." So I made up some sets and offered them for sale on the old Heli-Kit News forum. The rest has been a whole lot of fun!

Now to the review.

1/32 AH-1G HueyCobra Part 1 U.S. Army in Vietnam decals
The decals are packed in a big zip-lock. There are two sheets of decals and some cut self-adhesive sticker masks, and two instruction sheets. All of which are a class act!

The decals are crisply printed and in register, and opaque. The decal film is thin. Fireball Modelworks used the ALPS method so one must cut as close to the decal as possible to minimize the film.

This first of two sets has decals for four airframes:
    66-15272, 334th AHC "Playboys" at Bien Hoa 1967 (VERY early model Cobra).

    68-17054 "Sounds of Silence" C/2/20 ARA, Early 1971.

    68-15068 "Cindy Ann", a 20MM equipped late model Cobra from C/1/9th of the 1st Air Cav at Phouc Vinh, August 1970-March 1971.

    68-15012 "#1 Du Me Mi" from F Troop, 4th Cav, Phu Bai in late 1972. This is the "ultimate" Vietnam Cobra, with the left tail rotor, and anti Strella mods.

It also has a large sheet of AH-1G stenciling.

The film is thin. However, use the sharpest blade practice to cut out your decals and work under good light, because some of the decals are small and the white blends very well with the light blue backing paper.

The sticker masks are because the creator is trying to help us with the complex curves needed to mask the background of the shark mouths. Very appreciated!

My set performed well. It took a while for the decals to left from the backing in water. Sliding them on, they are stiffer than many decals I've used, much like the Tamiya 1/48 P-51B I built back about 2004.

Micro Sol and Solvaset worked well with these decals. The carrier glue dried clear. If you look at the build you may see that a black vertical line on the left engine cowling had some shine to it. That is die to Solvaset attacking the Future I glossed the model with.

Fireball Modelworks put a lot of history into their instruction sheet. They illustrated the sheet beautifully.

Fireball Modelworks was recommended to me and I now recommend them to you. I am very happy with the decals. They perform well. Printing and color and registration are top-notch.

I have nothing to complain about and believe that any of you who are interested in this brand will be very pleased with Fireball Modelworks.


Click here for additional images for this review.

Highs: Sharp and crisp printing: registration, fidelity, opacity. Masks for the complex curves required for the shark mouth backgrounds.
Lows: De minimis.
Verdict: These gave me nothing to complain about and believe that any of you who are interested in this brand will be very pleased with Fireball Modelworks decals.
  Scale: 1:32
  Mfg. ID: FM32-D01
  Suggested Retail: $15
  Related Link: Fireball Modelworks AH-1G Cobra
  PUBLISHED: Sep 21, 2016
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Frederick Boucher (JPTRR)

I'm a professional pilot with a degree in art. My first model was an AMT semi dump truck. Then Monogram's Lunar Lander right after the lunar landing. Next, Revell's 1/32 Bf-109G...cried havoc and released the dogs of modeling! My interests--if built before 1900, or after 1955, then I proba...

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This set, as are all Fireball Decals, is great. I have used them and they are super thin and lay down wonderfully. I highly recommend any Fireball Modelworks products, decals or otherwise.
SEP 21, 2016 - 06:29 PM
Gino, thanks for pointing me in their direction.
SEP 23, 2016 - 04:22 AM

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