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Tool Review
Pigments and Washes
Warpigs Pigments Dust & Hogwash Dirt and Grime wash
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by: Andy Brazier [ BETHEYN ]

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Alclad II are well known for their line of metal lacquer paints, and now they have branched out into the weathering side of things with two new lines.
First up is a line of pigments, called Warpigs, with a line of washes amusingly titled Hogwash.

Warpigs Pigments

Each pigment is packed in a 20ML pot. The pigments are quite fine and come in a variety of colours for different uses.
Using the pigments is easy and can be applied by brush or your finger, and Alclad do state that a pigment fixer can be used after application.
This is the "Dust" pigment and is a sand colour. Compared to an old MiG Productions Europe Dust I have stuffed in one of my draws, it seems slightly coarser in texture and a lot lighter in colour.
Now as I am not used to usingpigments a great deal, as they are still a little new to me, and have just brushed it onto a wing of an old testbed aircraft, but it does look a littledusty nowlol.
I'm pretty sure with a bit more practice and something other then an aircraft I had lying about the effect would be better.

Warpigs Pigments available -
  • ALCWP001 Alclad II Warpigs Deep Rust
  • ALCWP002 Alclad II Warpigs Mid Rust
  • ALCWP003 Alclad II Warpigs Light Rust
  • ALCWP004 Alclad II Warpigs Mud
  • ALCWP005 Alclad II Warpigs Earth
  • ALCWP006 Alclad II Warpigs Light Earth
  • ALCWP007 Alclad II Warpigs Egyptian Sand
  • ALCWP008 Alclad II Warpigs North African Sand
  • ALCWP009 Alclad II Warpigs European Sand
  • ALCWP010 Alclad II Warpigs Vietnamese Earth
  • ALCWP011 Alclad II Warpigs Olive Drab
  • ALCWP012 Alclad II Warpigs Buff
  • ALCWP013 Alclad II Warpigs Dust
  • ALCWP014 Alclad II Warpigs Brick Dust
  • ALCWP015 Alclad II Warpigs Pigment Fixer
  • ALCWP016 Alclad II Warpigs Light Ashes Grey
  • ALCWP017 Alclad II Warpigs Dark Ashes Grey
  • ALCWP018 Alclad II Warpigs Pitch Black

Hogwash washes
This new range of washes by Alclad are based on artists oil paints, and thinned with high quality thinner's.
These Alclad washes are pretty much the same as most washes already on the market, but they are cheaper then some branded alternatives.
For this review I am using product number ALCHW001, Dirt & Grime.
Applying the wash is by brush, and it has a drying time of 36 hours.
One word of caution, if applying over an enamel a barrier coat needs to be applied first as when I tested it on an untreated kit sprayed with Xtreme Metals, it took the paint straight off. Appling over acrylics is fine.
The wash goes on easy and wipes off just as easy with a cotton bud. The wash stays around raised areas and sits nice in the recessed areas of the wheel I used as a test piece.
The wash can be used to get a nice streaking effect on flat surfaces, by pulling the cotton bud in one direction.

Hogwash washes available in this range -
  • ALCHW001 Alclad II Warpigs Hogwash Dirt & Grime
  • ALCHW002 Alclad II Warpigs Hogwash Sand & Light Earth
  • ALCHW003 Alclad II Warpigs Hogwash Rust Streak & Stains
  • ALCHW004 Alclad II Warpigs Hogwash Dark Liquid Streaks & Stains
  • ALCHW005 Alclad II Warpigs Hogwash Light Liquid Streaks & Stains

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AEROSCALE.
Highs: Both are easy to use, and does what it says on the pots.
Lows: The wash attacks enamels, so you will need a barrier coat.
Verdict: Both products are good value, and are both useful for a variety of weathering effects.
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 13, 2016

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