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Book Review
A-10s Units 2008-2014
A-10 Thunderbolt II units of Operation Enduring Freedom 2008-2014
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by: Joel Willstein [ JOEL_W ]

Book Review
A-10 Thunderbolt II units of Operation Enduring Freedom 2008-2014

This is the 111th volume of Osprey's combat series of soft covered books with a US retail price of $22.95

This volume was authored by Gary Wetzel, which is his 2nd book on the A-10's of Operation Enduring Freedom. The 1st volume covers the time period of 2002-07.

Together both volumes tells the complete story of the various A-10 units that saw deployment during Operation Enduring Freedom.

The second volume concentrates on the various combat missions flown in Afghanistan.

This publication has The five Chapters plus an Appendices and a detailed Index:-

Making The Best Even Better
‘Charlie’ In Combat
CAS Reset
To The End

There are 24 very well done color plates by Jim Laurier plus several pages with detail information on each plate.


172nd EFS A-10C
81st EFS A-10A
103rd EFS & the 303rd EFS both equipped with A-10A
75th EFS A-10C
74th EFS A-10C
354th EFS A-10C
104th EFS & the 184th EFS A-10C
81st EFS A-10C
75th EFS A-10C
74th EFS A-10C
107th EFS EFS 303rd EFS &47th EFS All equiped with the A-010C
104th EFS & the 184th EFS both equiped with A-10C
354th EFS A-10C
74th EFS A-10C
75th EFS A-10C303rd EFS A-10C
303rd EFS A-10C
163rd EFS A-10C

This, the 2nd of two volumes is very well written, presenting the deployment of the A-10 throughout the 2008-2014 period during Enduring Freedom, through first hand interviews and photography.

For those modelers who are looking for more from a book in terms of detailed photographs for use in our modeling efforts, will be quite pleased with many of those type of photographs throughout this book.

AUTHOR Gary Wetzel
BINDING Softback
ILLUSTRATIONS B&W and Colour Photos. Colour Profiles.
Product Code 05737AVI

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Highs: The book is very well organized as per the given time line. The wealth of color plates plus detail photographs is a welcomed resource for modelers.
Lows: None really as the book is a wealth of detail for both the modeler and aircraft historian.
Verdict: I can certainly recommend this book to anyone interested in both aviation and Military history.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: N/A
  Mfg. ID: COM 111
  PUBLISHED: May 25, 2016
  NATIONALITY: United States

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About Joel Willstein (Joel_W)

I've been a plastic scale modeler on and off for most of my life since I 1st found them on a shelf at a local toy store way back in the very early 1960s. Once in High School modeling stopped until the mid 1970s when I got married, and needed a hobby that would keep me at home. After 10 years I to...

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the a-10a/c thuderbolt/warthog. from the gulf-war 1990-1991 to operation enduring freedom. the air-to-ground support aircraft.
MAY 26, 2016 - 03:20 AM

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