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Book Review
World War II Vol.1
World War II Volume 1
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

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In addition to Figure and Diorama Modelling series, MrBlack Publications started a new series entirely dedicated to models inspired by the events that took place in Second World War between the years 1939-1945. It is really good to see how to articles for figures of different scales, vehicles, dioramas and busts gathered in one book.
Unlike the one-author modelling books, the book includes the works of seven talented modelers which gives reader a chance to see different approaches and learn different techniques to make their own creations. It covers almost all elements of a modelling from building armor, sculpting and converting figures , painting to making terrain and more.
The book is in A4 format with a matt laminated cover and a strong binding won’t let pages break up though reading or checking it many times.
inside the book

There are hundred of color photos for step-by-step articles and finished models on 84 pages. The book includes 15 articles for different subjects but all World War II related.

  • First article Deutsches Afrika Korps - North Africa 1942 by Kaz Tomori is about how to build a 1/35 scale DAK diorama with conversions and scratch building. The artist changes a Tamiya Panzer Kampfwagen II Ausf. F/G boxart into a three dimensional scene. He describes how he converted the AFV and figures into proper poses, painting the figures, making the groundwork. He also explains making a waving palm tree. 42 photos of building steps in numeric sequence, 5 photos of the final scene and color recipes for figures make it a very useful article.

  • Rasputitsa! is another exceptional Eastern Front vignette in 1/35 scale by Carl Startin. He displays Tamiya Simca 5 stucked in mud with a German figure in winter clothing. 19 photos for adding PE parts and puttywork to vehicle, 5 photos for the groundwork, 5 photos for the figure and 8 photos for the finished scene. Explanatory text especially for a winter scene groundwork and color codes for figure painting are so helpful.

  • Juanma Vergara paints Alpine Miniatures 1/35 scale LAH Kharkov 1943 figure with another Alpine head and brings us his process with a step by step article. 6 photos for painting the head and 17 photos for the uniform and base, all detailed with a text including his color recipes. 4 photos for the finished figure.

  • A unigue top quality article by a master painter Man Jin Kim. He paints FeR Miniatures 75 mm SS Unterscharführer wearing a Plane Tree Camo Smock. 9 photos for painting eyes, 9 for the face, 9 for camo smock, 5 for trousers,7 for the finished figure. All photos are numbered and detailed with descriptions of the steps.
  • Toshihiro Sano paints Alpine Miniatures 1/35 scale US BAR Gunner in enamels. Artist wrote a numeric step by step text including Tamiya color codes explaining each photo of his built. 8 photos for priming and materials, 10 for face painting, 24 for uniform, gear and weapon, 9 for figure base and 6 for the final.

  • Award winning model of Ioannis Tsiktriris from Irbis Miniatures - 75 mm Japanese Officer in a Tropical Hell. He shares all his color choices for the figure and figure base. He gives life to a real root and makes it a tree trunk with scratched leaves. 24 photos for this built including many tones of green.

  • Oberleutnant Georg Briel – DAK is a 1/16 scale bust painting article by Juanma Vergara with 4 photos of the finished work and text with Vallejo codes.

  • On the Edge of No Man’s Land - 180 mm bust of Life Miniatures painted by Kaz Tomori is a great paintjob and a great article on large bust painting. He clearly explains all process in numeric steps with Citadel, Vallejo and Andre paint codes. Many high quality photos. 8 photos for eyes, 30 photos for face, 5 for helmet, 6 for uniform, 5 for PPSh-41 gun and 6 for the finished bust.

  • Tripoli, 1941 - The DAK is here! by MrBlack Studio, a short article of a vignette by two Alpine figures in 1/35 scale, written by Vallejo codes and supported by 6 photos of flesh tones and 6 photos of finished scene.

  • Stalingrad, 1942 is a vignette of two Masterbox figures with Hornet heads by Stelios Neofytidis.A short article with color mixes and 4 photos of final scene.

  • Toshihiro Sano paints Young Miniatures 180 mm bust German DAK Infantry North Africa WWII in enamels and shares his Tamiya codes with 5 photos of finished bust.

  • One page article with 10 useful tips for beginners.

  • Nice detailed article on building a diorama. Blitzkrieg – Vorwärts by Mr Black Studio explains how to paint German figures in Vallejo colors and constructing a diorama with wall in 27 color photos.

  • Toshihiro Sano explains how to paint a 1/35 scale British figure from Alpine - Royal Armoured Corps AFV Crew in 6 photos of painted figure. He paints the figure in enamels and shares his Tamiya codes.

  • Last article in the book is another two Russian Tank crew figure display in a snowy base by Stelios Neofytidis - Battle of Moscow, 1941-1942. The artist explains how he painted the figures with color codes and the way of making a base with snow.

    Printing quality and sharpness in photos are very good as in all MrBlackpublications but I have to state that the content is extremely detailed, easy to understand, useful and applicable in this book. The book covers many figures, busts and dioramas from different scales, different artists and different techniques but all World War II related.
    It looks like a great reference book for World War II modellers.

    As mentioned in all reviews, MrBlack Publications really cares about the feedback and add new articles due to readers demand. So please send your opinions to Stelios Demiras by e-mail to [email protected] or visit at MrBlack Publications –Facebook

    Highs: Printing and photos are top quality. Hundreds of photos in numeric sequence and detailed text for many different techniques on painting figures and busts, weathering vehicles and making diorama or figure bases with terrain,snow,etc.
    Lows: Only finished model photos for some articles.
    Verdict: A nice handbook that World War II modelers of all levels can find useful ideas and methods for their own creations.
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      Scale: 1:1
      Mfg. ID: SMH-WWII01
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      PUBLISHED: Jan 21, 2016
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 95.78%

    Our Thanks to Mr BLACK Publications!
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