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In-Box Review
Flightline Crew Chief
USAF Flightline Crew Chief with Tools Cabinet and Tools
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


For aircraft builders one of the issues is being able to give their models a sense of scale. There are a few but limited selection of figures available to the modeller, but these again tend to be mostly World War Two figures. Step forward Video Aviation.com who are releasing a steady stream of resin figures for the aircraft modeller in 1/32nd scale alongside ground equipment in the three main scales.


This offering from Video Aviation.com is very nicely packed in a clear blister pack. The contents are secured inside a Ziploc bag and wrapped with bubble wrap for further protection. Video Aviation.com has also gone to the trouble of providing a painting and assembly guide for the product. I also appreciate that they have clearly identified the included items.


This offering from Video Aviation.com consists of a single resin figure and a resin tool chest that requires assembly; so does the figure if you consider adding the arms assembly. The figure is very well moulded and has little in the way of flaws common to resin. There is a small amount of flash present between the legs and something that almost looks like a goatee on the chin, other than that there are no air bubbles or the like to contend with.

The uniform is the usual jacket and trousers with quite nice crease detail. The head I find a little disappointing, this is due to the expression being blank and the ears almost non-existent; this is an issue for me as the hairstyle is the usual military high and tight and so the ears are a feature clearly on display. On the positive side the detail in the hands does look to be of a good standard with nice finger detail. I would also say that the figure seems a tad on the slight side.

The tool chest is nicely moulded through out, but I would have liked to have the ability to show the draws open. The wheels are provided as separate parts; after all we all know the wheels never point in the same direction. Some nice inclusions with this offering is a laptop, manuals and electric drill/screwdriver. I really do appreciate the inclusion of these items.


Despite my concerns about the figures head, or should I say ears; I do like this offering. It will allow the modeller to portray a sense of scale to their aircraft models, while at the same time being generic in nature. An aircraft with an access panel open and with the figure and tool chest nearby tells a simple story easily and quickly.
Highs: I like the simple but effective way this offering provides scale, while at the same time being a very natural addition to any setting.
Lows: I feel the head detail could be better and it seems a little on the thin side.
Verdict: While this is offered as a military figure, I see no reason why it could not also be used in a civilian setting with careful painting and a little work where the trousers meet the boots.
  Scale: 1:32
  Mfg. ID: 153832
  PUBLISHED: Jan 08, 2016
  NATIONALITY: United States

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Fortunately Hornet Heads are out there!
JAN 10, 2016 - 11:48 PM

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