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Paint Rack and Airbrush Stand
Sphere Products Paint Rack and Airbrush Stand
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by: Brian O'Donoghue [ BRIAN638 ]

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Sphere Products is a part of Progressive Engineering Solutions Ltd. (PES) that actually makes and sells things. PES was started in 2010 by Jon Page, Fraser Hale and Ross Sheldrake as an Engineering Design Consultancy company. After a short time and some frustration it was decided that the company would benefit from its own manufacturing capability in the form of a flatbed laser for making prototype parts. At the end of 2010, following some interest on modelling forums, the first paint racks were made and shortly afterwards Sphere Products was born (The first three letters taken from the founders surnames).

Born out of an enthusiasm for engineering and modelling our products are designed from experience and feedback from the end user. They have also expanded their range to include complementary items such as paints and brushes.
Sphere Products range of racks are designed to keep all your paints together and readily available whilst freeing up your work area. They are now available to suit most of the commonly used model paints and come in a range of standard sizes. If your favourite paints are not listed Sphere Products will be more than happy to design something suitable.

The rack is made from laser cut 6mm MDF and is held together with screws and nuts for added strength and have rubber feet to prevent damage and slipping.

The Paint Rack and Airbrush Stand comprises of two shelves and my rack is designed for Vallejo paints. The lower shelf holds 39 17ml Vallejo Model Air style dropper bottles, 3 60ml Vallejo Surface Primer bottles and 2 200ml Airbrush Cleaner/Thinner type bottles. The upper shelf has racks for storing airbrushes when not in use and holders for those in-use.

The rack itself arrives in a cardboard box which protects the contents during shipping. Once the box is opened the first thing that you will notice is the manufacturing smell. These racks are cut using an industrial laser this does leave a distinctive burnt MDF smell.

The rack is easily assembled using the supplied allen key and by following the instructions. I assembled my rack in less than 20 minutes although I already own a number of the Sphere paint racks. Once assembled the modeller could paint the rack to disguise the smell although I leave my rack in my workshop and the burnt smell dissipates quite quickly.

The rack itself is quite sturdy and as shown in the images that accompany this review easily accommodate my collection of airbrushes. I have found that the 'in-use' rack appears to be sturdy and should prevent any of my airbrushes from falling out, something that my existing holder simply does not accomplish.

The rack measures: 375mm wide x 160mm deep x 230mm high
This rack is larger than my older and now retired airbruash stand. Although it now provides home for my thinners and airbrush cleaner, along with my often used paints. I am more than happy with my purchase and it arrived exceptionally quickly which is a credit to customer service. If you are undecided then I would advise dropping by to see them at one of the many model shows that they attend in order to look at the their products and discuss your particular requirements.
Highs: Exceptionally versatile, can be ordered for specific brands of paint.
Lows: It is heavy for shipping purposes, some may not like the burnt MDF smell.
Verdict: Useful and safe storage for your airbrush and your paints.
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  Suggested Retail: 35.00
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 06, 2015

About Brian O'Donoghue (brian638)

I began modelling way back when Matchbox appeared on the scene with their new range. It began an interest in a hobby that has spanned 40 years.... and has seen the greatest resurgence in recent years. The only breaks in the hobby have been for the usual reasons that most modellers experience; caree...

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Interesting product, the website links don't work though.
DEC 06, 2015 - 05:31 AM
Hi Mark, It was working when I added the vendor information. I have amended the web link I will message Jon and ask if there is likely to be any changes, don't you just love the Internet......
DEC 07, 2015 - 12:21 AM
I don't think theres two modellers with the same set-up area or work area. I wouldn't be interested.
DEC 07, 2015 - 03:33 AM
My workbench is so cluttered with 3 -4 kits in progress, there's just no space!
DEC 07, 2015 - 09:10 PM
A full and cluttered workbench is a good thing, something must be happening. Mine got a lot easier using paint stowage racks. I got them from Ammo by Mig, at less than half the price of these, and they don't smell like burned wood...
DEC 12, 2015 - 12:45 PM

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