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In-Box Review
US Wounded & Medic WWII
Verlinden US Wounded & Medic WWII
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by: kawika [ KAOLELO ]

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Medics played a major, but often overlooked role in WW2. Unarmed, medics would exhibit enormous courage in caring for the wounded, often of both sides. Significantly, because of innovations, morbidity and mortality among combat wounded decreased, although not as much as during the Vietnam conflict. It was during WW2 that medics started to deploy sulfa antibiotics and plasma in the field, potentially reducing the incidence of infection and replacing lost blood prior to surgical intervention.


Verlinden Productions kit 2803 consists of 5 pieces cast in a creamy resin and packed in a white cardboard box labeled with a photo of the painted figures. The wounded figure is cast as one piece, while the medic consists of legs/torso, head, arms and separate musette bag. The wounded figure is cast with improvised splint and bandages to the chest. Both figures are wearing the US M-1943 uniform, which may restrict the use of these figures to settings during warmer periods of the year given the lack of warmer gear. The musette bag, M1936, could benefit from a strap.


From research on the web, this is actually an older kit from Verlinden Productions, but still worthwhile, because of the general lack of US medical personnel subjects (there is an older Dragon German medical personnel set, but no equivalent for American troops to my knowledge). While generally well molded, the details are not up to those of Hornet or similar, more modern figure makers. Additionally, if the wounds were severe, more action items could be included, such as a plasma container or the medic attempted to control bleeding with a hemostat or similar.


WW2 US Medical Research Centre. http://www.med-dept.com. Accessed January 21, 2015.
Highs: Relatively good detail, pose not static, relatively rare representation of US medic/wounded.
Lows: Somewhat dated, could use more accessories.
Verdict: Worth the cost if the price is right.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 2803
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 23, 2015
  NATIONALITY: United States

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Thanks for the "HEADS UP"! Nice figure set! The best thing about that set is that you can break up the set, and use both figures in different themes; for instance, the wounded GI can be used with a couple of stretcher-bearers, heading for an Aid Station or an Ambulance, and the Medic can also be posed with a freshly-wounded GI who hasn't been treated yet... Of course, A LOT more possibilities exist, including a simple conversion for turning the Medic into a kneeling GI... All-in-all, a very welcome set for the guys (such as myself) that are into figure-building/painting/converting!
MAR 26, 2015 - 09:36 PM

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