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by: Cristian [ ARMORED76 ]

The book contains 256 pages in a large, A4 format including more than 200 different aircrafts, over 340 color images, more than 300 drawings and 24 detailed views. The copyright on the first pages reads 1985 and lists Salamander Books Ltd and Pilot Press as the copyright holders for the content. The paper quality is alright, the book being printed on thicker paper which makes flipping through easier. The print itself is non-glossy and the colors are not that great. But I guess all this was in-line with the printing quality of the 80s, when the book was published. The book is divided into 9 chapters that focus on the different application areas:

Fighter Aircrafts
Light Attack Aircrafts
Reconnaissance Aircrafts
Anti-submarine Warfare Aircrafts
Transport and Tanker Aircrafts
Early Warning and Control Aircrafts
Training and Utility Aircrafts

Each chapter has a list of the most known aircrafts in the given category with selected ones even containing a 3D structural view showing the inner live of the bird along with the most common or most interesting color schemes. Most aircrafts occupy a full page with technical details, line drawings, a short history and some color scheme examples from different operating periods and regions. Also worth mentioning are the historical images showing the airships in action.

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Highs: The book contains over 200 aircrafts, 340 color images and 300 drawings along with 24 detailed 3D structural view. The color schemes that are presented along with each aircraft are also interesting for us modelers.
Lows: The printing quality is from the 80s and thus not up to par with modern books. The colors are a bit faded and the paper is non-glossy.
Verdict: The technical and historical details as well as the images turn this book into a great modelling reference work.
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 08, 2015

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This looks very much like a German version of Bill Gunston's Modern Military Aircraft. I'm not at home to check.
FEB 13, 2015 - 09:56 PM
The copyright message does not mention his name but who knows...
FEB 14, 2015 - 11:09 AM

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