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In-Box Review
JG 300 Decal Sheets

by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

The first thing you notice with EagleCals sheets is the superb artwork by Thomas A. Tullis. These paintings are a real inspiration in themselves, backed up by equally good research. Eagle Editions are Luftwaffe specialists, and it shows in the detailed notes for each scheme, listing colours and modifications (some of which are available as EagleParts resin accessories).

And, of course, there's the decals themselves... these are custom printed by Microscale, which should be recommendation enough in itself. They are beautifully thin and printed in excellent register. The definition is second-to-none, with stencilling etc. all quite legible.

The sheets reviewed are all 1/48 scale, but 1/72 and 1/32 scale versions are also available for $9 and $11.50 per sheet respectively.

EagleCals #88 - JG 300 Pt. 1
This sheet contains decals for 4 Bf 109G-6s:

1. "Red 6" - 2./JG 300, Oct/Nov 1943, flown by Ofw. Arnold Döring. This aircraft is armed with 20mm cannon-pods and wears a very interesting camouflage scheme; the under-surfaces are black and the topsides have a very heavy over-spray of 2-tone dark grey, obscuring most of the original day-fighter pattern. The national markings have all been over-painted and partially obscured.

2. "Red 8" - III./JG 300, July 1944, flown by Oblt. Kurt Gabler. Does anyone fancy doing a natural-metal Bf 109? Well, now's your chance; this time the camouflage is scrubbed down to the bare metal, leaving just the "ghost" of the original scheme, plus JG 300's red fuselage band. This will certainly make a great modelling challenge.

3 "White 2 / Black 18" - 1./JG 300, June/July 1944, flown by Uffz. Hermann Berdelmann. This former JG54 aircraft still wears it's original call-sign and medium-blue fuselage band, with its new JG/300 "White 2" added. Otherwise, it's a standard day-fighter scheme augmented with some heavy mottling.

4. "Yellow 13" - 9./JG 300, June 1944, flown by Uffz. Klaus Lambio. A very nice example of the standard finish, plus JG 300's red fuselage band.

This sheet also features an extensive set of stencils - all perfectly legible - plus an excellent placement guide. Not all the stencils will be appropriate to every aircraft due to the amount of over-spraying etc., so you'll have plenty of items for the spares box.

EagleCals #89 - JG 300 Pt. 2
This sheet contains markings for 4 Fw 190 As:

1. "Red 3" - Fw 190 A-8, 5./JG 300, Aug/Sept 1944, flown by Fw. Konrad Bauer. A pretty standard scheme with the legend "Kornjark" in red under the cockpit.

2. "Yellow 18" - Fw 190 A-7, 6./JG 300, August 1944, pilot unknown. Standard camouflage again, but fitted with flash-suppressors on the fuselage guns.

3. "Red 21" - Fw 190 A-6/Neptun, 6./JG 300, February 1944, pilot unknown. This is an interesting aircraft; the upper surfaces have been over-sprayed lightly with RLM 76 to lighten and soften the camouflage.

4. "Yellow 1N" - Fw 190 A-7/Neptun, 6./JG 300, March 1944, flown by Lt. Klaus Bretschneider. Painted in a standard day-scheme, there's a patch of RLM 02 on the fuselage (a repair?), an unusual yellow "1"/ red "N" call-sign and JG 300's broad red fuselage band.

As in EagleCals #88, there's a huge selection of stencils supplied, along with an excellent placement guide.

EagleCals #90 - JG 300 Pt. 3
This sheet contains a mixed bag of 2 each Bf 109G-6s and Fw 190 A-6s:

1. "Yellow 17" - Bf 109 G-6, III./JG 300 (III.JG 11 aircraft), Sept/Oct 1943, flown by Oblt. Gerhard Stamp. If you like unusual schemes, you'll like this one! Black under-surfaces, plus a grey over-spray on the fuselage and wings, partially obscuring the original camouflage pattern. A narrow JG 11 fuselage band is still visible.

2. "<<-" - Bf 109 G-6, Stab 1./JG 300, July 1944, flown by Hptm. Gerhard Stamp. A standard scheme with the red JG/300 fuselage band.

3. "Green 3" - Fw 190 A-6, Stab/JG 300, Oct 1943, flown by Hptm. F. K. Müller. A standard scheme with a yellow underside to the cowling.

4. "Green 1" - Fw 190 A-6, Stab/JG Herrmann, July/Aug 1943, flown by the Kommodore Major Hajo Herrmann. A standard scheme with a yellow underside to the cowling.

No stencils are provided this time - I guess it would have meant a double sheet to cater for the mix of Bf 109s and Fw 190s - but a set of printed templates are included for the over-sprayed national insignia of "Yellow 17".

This is an excellent trio of decal sheets, well up to EagleCals' usual high standard. The printing and presentation is impeccable and the schemes well chosen for their variety and interest. Thoroughly recommended.

Thank you to Eagle Editions for kindly supplying the review samples.

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It's amazing; the latest research continues to reveal a seemingly endless bounty of exciting Luftwaffe paint schemes. The latest set of EagleCals sheets deals with the famous Wilde Sau aircraft of JG 300 and uncovers some really surprising field-applied camouflage along the way.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: EC #88, 89 & 90
  Suggested Retail: $10.50 ea
  PUBLISHED: Sep 04, 2005

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