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In-Box Review
Wheels for Ford V3000
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

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SKP Models are perhaps best known for the line of lenses and taillights for a wide selection of military vehicles; however SKP Models also have a nice selection of resin wheels for your models. In this review I take a look at a set of wheels from SKP Models for the ICM model of the Ford V3000 in 1/35th scale.


This offering from SKP Models is packaged in a cardboard tray and lid, this packaging is quite substantial and should ensure that the product reaches you in good condition short of being run over by a postal truck. Inside the box you will find a Ziploc bag containing 7 resin wheels.


From the start I should say I am really impressed with the packaging of this product, as it would take extremely rough handling to cause any damage. The moulding quality is good in my opinion; however the moulding plugs on two of the wheels had been removed prior to packaging and one of those wheels has a small hole of about 1mm in the surface of the tyre. The contents provides the double rear wheels, front wheels and a spare wheel. The clean-up of the wheels should not be overly difficult, but I would strongly advice the pour plug connection point is placed at the point where the tyre touches the ground.

Detail on the tyre is very nice with Dunlop detail being clearly readable on each of the tyres; however the word Dunlop is upside down, every tyre I have looked at has the top of the word Dunlop towards the outer edge and SKP Models has it towards the inner face, I do however accept that it is possible that the tyre supplied here is different. With the exception of that the detail is very nice, right down to a nicely replicated tyre valve. The tread pattern is a road tyre pattern as opposed to an all-terrain pattern and the tread is clearly defined. The holes in the wheels are obscured by a very light flash, but it is no more than I would expect on resin mouldings.


The detail is very good on these wheels, with the only possible error being which way up the brand Dunlop is portrayed. I do feel that SKP Models has missed an opportunity in not portraying the tyres with a weighted appearance. I do feel these are an improvement on the kit parts they replace, and the price re-enforces that opinion for me.
Highs: Great attention to detail, in particular the inclusion of tyre valve detail.
Lows: A question mark hangs over the orientation of the word Dunlop and I would have liked the tyres to have been weighted.
Verdict: A worthy upgrade for your consideration.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: SKP 247
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 25, 2014

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