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Airscale Instrumentals
Airscale Instrumentals: Decal sets AS24RAF, AS24 PLA and AS24 TIFF
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by: Gremlin56 [ GREMLIN56 ]

Having built mainly model ships over last few years I have paid little attention to the aftermarket developments for model aircraft. The pending arrival of the 1/24th scale Typhoon, one of my all-time favourite aircraft, changed that state of mind in a rather radical fashion, having me buying seat-belts, brass gun barrels and RAF paint sets. Steve Buddís build in the Airfix Model World Typhoon supplement prior to the models release only served to further fuel my curiosity and his mention of Airscaleís generic instruments and placards in 1/24th scale had me looking up the Airscale website ( http://www.airscale.co.uk/index.php ), to get hold of these sets.
Things just got even better for anyone building the 1/24th Typhoon though because Airscale have just released a decal set tailor made for the Typhoon containing instruments and placards that will greatly improve the instrument panel, side panels and cockpit sides. Peter Castle at Airscale very kindly supplied all three sets for me to review and try out on my Typhoon build.

The generic instrument set and the Typhoon set both contain a sheet of decals and a square of transparent plastic so that after applying the decals to the front of the instrument panel transparency you can make the instrument glazing with a punch and die. The generic set contains a wide range of the most common instruments used in WW II aircraft, the Typhoon set includes the separate and specific instruments but also three full panel decals that can be applied to the back of the instrument panel transparency, (if separate decals are a little bit too intimidating that is). The instrument decals look crisp and sharp and there is very little film around the edges. An added bonus to the Typhoon set is the complete list of instruments and placards in the cockpit included on the instruction sheet.
The generic set includes an instruction sheet with a list of the included instruments.
The placard set contains general warnings, notices, dataplates, specific warnings and labels that can be used in and around the cockpit. Theses decals are also beautifully designed and if you happen to have a jewellers eyeglass you can even read several of them, (I used the oxygen label and a dataplate on the oxygen cylinder behind the pilotís seat in my Typhoon). The decals are matt and apply nicely to my standard Vallejo matt varnish top coat. The decals react well to my favourite decal fluids, Mr. Mark Softer and Mr. Mark Setter. Where necessary a light dust coat of varnish from an airbrush will give an authentic painted on look.

A very easy way to improve the look of the cockpit in any aircraft build, (Airscale provide decal sets for WW I and WW II aircraft and also jet aircraft in 1/48, 1/32 and 1/24 scale.). The placards are also a very welcome addition to any aircraft build giving a great sense of realism. The design and printing is excellent and the decals are easy to apply. The price of the sets is very reasonable considering the work that goes into producing them and the offered quality. Many thanks to Peter Castle at Airscale for supplying these magnificent sets for reviewing.

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Highs: Quality aftermarket addition to aircraft models in general. The decals are as good to use as they look. The Typhoon set I would consider mandatory if you are building the 1/24th scale model of this aircraft.
Lows: Even in 1/24th scale some of the decals are extremely small and might be a challenge for the less experienced builder.
Verdict: Excellent, usable and affordable. I am so impressed with these sets that I also bought instrument and placard sets for my 1/32 scale Revell Spitfire.
  Scale: 1:24
  Mfg. ID: AS24RAF, AS24 PLA and AS24 TIFF
  PUBLISHED: Aug 21, 2014
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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