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In-Box Review
Spitfire Mk.II update sets
Spitfire Mk.II upgrade sets for the Revell kit
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by: Andy Brazier [ BETHEYN ]

Spitfire Mk.I/II wheels
Item No -632 038
Price - 8.40
Packed in a blister pack, the wheel set is sandwiched between the outer packaging and a foam insert, so any breakages are kept to bare minimum. A small set of instructions are also supplied.
The parts are well cast with no discrepancies.
The tyres with a central hub are cast separately, but will need a little work to cut off the pour plugs. The tyres have a fine tread pattern and are weighted. The tyres also have the make off Dunlop around the rim.
The two 5 spoke hubs are also cast individually, and will need extra care to remove the pour plugs. Detail is very fine with bolt heads around the central hub well defined, along with some detail inside the hubs..
The rear hubs are cast on one resin pour plug and will need to be razor sawed off. Detail for these parts consist of recessed lines.
A set of masks that go over the tyres for painting the hubs are supplied.
Compared to the Revell kit parts, the detail is a lot more refined, and in the case of the tyres the kits are not weighted. The other bonus over the kit parts is there is no seam line to clean up as the kits tyres are split down the middle.

Spitfire Mk.II interior S.A
Item No -32818
Price - 19.50
Packed in the standard Eduard clear plastic bag, the two frets, a clear acetate sheet, and the instructions are sandwiched between a cardboard insert.
One fret is pre coloured and self adhesive while the second fret is unpainted.
The pre-coloured fret is a mix of painted and unpainted parts and holds the harness, a two piece instrument panel, various instruments, a throttle control. The un-painted parts are for various parts that go onto the seat, and backing parts for sidewall instruments.
The un-painted fret contains a new seat, seat cushion, rear armoured plate ( which the Revell kit doesn't have), a head rest, foot pedals and several parts for various plates, spars and general upgrades for the Revell kit.
The seat needs to be bent into shape with a steel ball to get the correct contour, and looks the hardest part of the build. Eduard also provide a new flare rack for the seat.
A armoured plate for the rear of the seat is needed and fits in between the seat and rear seat support.
The harness is needed for the kit as none is provided. This part is pre-coloured and self adhesive.
The instrument panel is made up of two parts and uses the kits panel as a backing part. A new compass hangs from the underside of the instrument panel and replaces the kits rather basic one. The detail must be sanded off the Revell part for gluing the P.E parts. The instrument panel does look good, but will lack the depth the Revell part has.
Various instruments for the sidewalls are supplied and will busy this section up.
Foot pedals replace the kits offering and new floor detail is also added.
The control column also has a set of electrical wires added.
Framework for the canopy is supplied which fits onto the mating surfaces so detail for the open canopy can be seen.
A rear view mirror finishes the canopy off nicely.
The instructions are the typical Eduard black and blue line drawings, printed on a folded A4 size sheet.
The build is easy to follow with any parts needing surgery clearly shown. The hardest part will be getting the contours right on the seat.
This is one of those sets that you do need a lot of the parts from, to get the best looking Spitfire cockpit. My only concern is the lack of depth the instrument panel will have if you use it.

Spitfire Mk.II exterior
Item No - 32360
Price - 14.99
Only one un-coloured fret is packed in the exterior set along with a small set of instructions.
The fret holds a lot of parts for the main undercarriage with new internal side walls and floor for the undercarriage bay. The floor has to be bent into the correct shape with a steel ball. New outer skins for the undercarriage doors are also supplied. Brake lines for the gear legs add to the detail.
The various radiators and coolers have new mesh grills which replace the moulded on ones found in the kit.
The main radiator has a new rear part which can be modelled in the open position.
The instructions follow the usual format from Eduard and are easy and clear to follow.
This set is worth the money as it adds more detail to the main undercarriage. The main radiator also has a more refined look to it.

Spitfire Mk.II landing flaps
Item No - 32350
Price - 16.70
One large fret and a set of instructions for the landing flaps are packaged in the clear plastic sleeve.
As the title states this is too near enough completely replace the kits offering regarding the landing flaps.
A lot of the internal detail from the kits parts are removed for the inclusion of the P.E flaps.
Detail is a lot more refined with internal ribs for the main wing areas. The actual flaps are replaced totally with P.E flaps, which require folding to get a bit of depth for the ribbing.
P.E actuators are also supplied, which the kit lacks.
This set greatly improves the look of the flaps if you wish them open.
Spitfire Mk.II masks
Item No - JX168
Price - 8.40
The masks are made from the usual Eduard Kabuki tape, and packed in a clear sleeve backed up with cardboard. A small set of instructions complete the contents.
The masks covers the edges of the main canopy, with the centers having to be filled with a masking fluid ( not supplied). Two masks are supplied for the windscreen, one for the main windscreen and a second mask for the armoured glass.
Wheel hub masks for the main and tail wheels are supplied .
The final masks is for the clear underside light(?).
Having used Eduard masks before, I can vouch they are normally a good fit and easy to work with.
The instructions give you the placement of each mask and any liquid mask needed is shown.

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Highs: Good sets that should get the most out of this kit.
Lows: Will end up costing more than the kit itself.
Verdict: Revells Spitfire Mk.II isn't a bad kit to start with so adding these sets is really a personal preference. Once added though they will add to the detail.
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  Scale: 1:32
  Mfg. ID: see text
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 30, 2014
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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