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In-Box Review
Captain Domingos Soares Branco (Satari - India 1897)

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma


After seeing some miniatures from Viriatus, you easily understand that this Company has dedicated in quality figures.

So for the third miniature to review, I choose 54F002 Captain Domingos Soares Branco (Satari India 1897)

One more historically interesting miniature from the start, taking aside for the quality and detail technicalities, that we will check step by step

Figure Information

This figure represents Captain Domingos Silvestre Soares Branco while commander of the Portuguese Military Forces in the Satari region in the Portuguese India. From November 1896 till February 1897, the brave Captain conducted military operations in the dense jungle of Satari and crushed the Ranes rebellion.These actions valued him a commendation from the Portuguese King. The Captain is dressed in Khaki according the Uniform plan 0f 1896 for the troops in India. On the shoulder there is a golden lace representative of the rank of Captain. He carries the 1886 black leather belt, holster and pouch. The cap is covered with a white water-proof linen cape. He also carries the 1892 Sword and the 9.1 mm Abadie Revolver

Historical Notes

The Portuguese discovered the maritime way to India in 1498 with the fleet commanded by Vasco da Gama, during the Reign of D. Manuel I. At the time the coast of Malabar and the Indic Ocean was dominated by the Arabs and Turks that controlled the trade between the west, the East and Far-East. Throughout the XVI century the Portuguese built a set of fortresses along the coast in order to take control of all sea trade. The most important city and capital of the Portuguese Eastern Empire was Goa.

Satari was a 440 Km2 region situated in the Northeast of the Goa district. Historically was part of the domains of the Marata Dynasty of the Bhonsté. It was a mountaneous territory with dense tropical jungle and plenty of rivers. The Satari region was conquered to the Maratas in 1746 by the Portuguese Vice-King D. Pedro Miguel de Almeida e Portugal. The territory was almost totally occupied by the Ranes that were an unsubmissive tribe of courageous warriors. The Ranes were part of the Marata race and descended from the ancient people Rajpute from Northern India and settled in the territory of Satari by concession of some Rajah after rendering some good services. They considered themselves as rightful owners of Satari and refused to subordinate themselves to Portugal. This attitude was a source of conflicts and by 1852 they had already been responsible by 17 revolts against the Portuguese since the territory was first occupied. In 1895 an important rebellion was dominated by an Expeditionary Force sent from Lisbon and Commanded by the son of the King of Portugal, D. Afonso de Bragança. However, as soon as the expeditionary force returned back to Portugal another insurrection took place but was promptly crushed by the brave captain Domingos Silvestre Soares Branco. Nevertheless, the Ranes would only be totally defeated after the proclamation of the Republic in Portugal after 1910.

The Infantry Captain Domigos Soares Branco was born in July 13th 1862 and distinguished himself with his prompt actions against the Ranes insurrection that took place from November 28th, 1896 till February 20th, 1897. He conducted energetic military operations through the dense jungle of Satari pursuing and causing heavy losses to the enemy. The most important actions were the fights of Morlem, Gangem, Tarem and Anconem. The brave actions conducted by the Captain with the few resources that were available to him granted him a commendation from the Portuguese King.

The kit

A hard carton box with inside foam protection holds safely all 11 white metal pieces of the figure.

This carton box is inside an outer thinner carton box that shows the box art figure painted by Fernando Pires , while the sculpture is signed from Fernando Martinez.

In the box, is also included a 6 page leaflet that holds detailed historical notes on the era and the figure, reference information, 2 different pictures of the painted figure, a photograph of the Captain and a detailed color chart for every piece, with Vallejo acrylics numbers references.

  • Pieces

  • Head: Very nicely sculpted with clear characteristics and detailed sculpture for facial hair

  • Torso with Feet saves some time for getting parts together and shows the Captain with
    feet spread wide open balancing his pistol shooting

  • A 1892 Sword

  • Scabbard

  • Right Arm

  • Left Arm holding a 9.1 mm Abadie Revolver

  • A small leather bag

  • Water Bottle

  • Cap with water proof linen cape

  • Holster

  • Base in oval shape, with sculpted ground texture

    Quality and Detail

    This is the third figure of Viriatus that I lay hands on. I have to mention that they are made in only 200 pieces each. So this limited production makes them even more precious. My copy is 65/200. The white metal quality is very high, and the casting is in superb level. It wasn’t possible to find flaws or any kind of problems. A soft touch with fine wool wire, and you will be ready to wash and prime.

    Sculpted Detail is more than crisp and clear. All parts are nicely detailed and the painter will have a nice surface to work on. Dry fit of the parts showed that Viriatus is doing a really good job !


    This is definitely not a difficult figure to paint. Few colors, a uniform, and some detailed parts of equipment are all u have. So this gives the chance to paint unstressed and have a beautiful piece when finished. I guess the face should get a lot of care since its suitable (well sculpted that is) to present the character of the Captain.
    Color combinations are standard since he wears specific clothing and the table of Valejos that Viriatus suggests will be quite helping.

    All Viriatus figures for no particular reason look to me very friendly for painting! So I guess this one also will be pretty high on the time list for painting.

    Conclusion – Final Verdict

    Try to paint a Viriatus Miniature and you will surely be pleased. This specific one is a figure for all levels of painters, so do not hesitate. High level of quality and detail will help the beginner and challenge the experienced to do more.
    You will add a historical person to your collection, and not a nameless soldier. For me this is some important

    Highly Recommended

    Special Thanks to Miguel of Viriatus Miniatures for the review sample

    Stay tuned for more Viriatus Miniatures figures to be reviewed soon
    Portugal based Viriatus Miniatures, comes with an interesteing range of rare subjects. This one carries us to India 1897, making company to brave Captain Domingos Soares Branco .
      POSE - SUBJECT:90%
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 54mm
      Mfg. ID: 54F002
      Suggested Retail: Euros 25,5
      Related Link: Viriatus Miniatures
      PUBLISHED: Aug 01, 2005
      THIS REVIEWER: 88.76%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 87.50%

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