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Osprey have a Christmas sale on at the moment. With a 45% discount on certain titles its a good time to fill in some of the voids in your library. I am sure your better half will be happier buying you a book rather than yet another kit.
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Oprey Publishing have announced new titles scheduled to release from November 2011 to February 2012. There's something interesting for Allied enthusiats as well as Luftwaffe, Japanese or Russian wings.
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Osprey are to release two books on naval fighter pilots to achieve ace status during World War I. The first part is due out this month.
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Two new books are available from Osprey this month. The first covers the 19,000 German ‘volunteers’ who formed an aviation group called the Legion Condor. The second title is Kamikaze: Japanese Special Attack Weapons 1944–45.
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Osprey must have read Eduards minds, as one of the releases this month is the B-24 Liberator Units of the CBI, of which Eduard have released a 1/72nd scale kit.
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Osprey Publishing have released a book dedicated to the B-57 Canberra in the Vietnam War.
This title is number 85 of the Combat Aircraft series.
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Noted author Greg VanWyngarden gives us another in his series of Jasta elite series. From Haupt.Berthold to Ltn. Raben this unit served with some distinction and bloody combats were its daily bread and butter.
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Osprey Publishing have announced the future release of this title. The B-57 Canberra was the first jet-powered American attack aircraft committed to the Vietnam War. Involved in day-to-day interdiction missions as well as in classified “black” missions and a starring role in Operation Rolling Thunder; the B-57 evolved to become one of the most valuable weapons in the USAF inventory. The B-57E was involved in the Patricia Lynn missions, parts of which remain classified. This book also fully documents the role of the Australian Canberra B-20 in working alongside the B-57. Featuring scores of previously unpublished photographs; the story of the B-57 is the story of the Vietnam War.

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New release from Osprey Publishing is no 171 in their New Vanguard series. With Zvezda releasing a 1/72 Mil MI-24 Gunship soon, see here, this publication would be an ideal reference source.

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Midway 1942 is number 226 in Osprey's campaign series and is an analysis of this significant battle in the Pacific during WWII. A must for historians and modellers alike.
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As a special end of summer sale, Osprey is offering a 50% discount on over one hundred books. The titles are drawn from all series and time periods. This is the largest discount Osprey has ever run on the website so take advantage while stocks last!. Look here to see what's on offer and fill in some of the voids in your library. Illustrations are some of the titles on offer.
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Osprey's "Raid" series of books latest installment will be about the Dambusters raid.
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In this new master class, Brett Green describes the kits, accessories, decals and references that are now available and demonstrates a wide variety of paint types, thinners and application methods in both words and pictures. He also covers painting effects such as mottling, soft-edged camouflage demarcation, masking and weathering. This is the perfect book for the beginner or the seasoned modeller to bring his knowledge and techniques up to date.
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Although the opposing forces of the Six Day War were both flying comparable third-generation Mach 2 jet fighters, the pilots were trained to different standards, and were expected to utilize different tactics. Using the latest research, first-hand accounts, and specially commissioned artwork, Shlomo Aloni tells the dramatic story of the dogfights in the skies over the Middle East.

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Osprey Publishing are to release a book praising the exploits and the importance of the Typhoon wings in the Allied victory in Europe.
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Published in association with the Imperial War Museum in London to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, this book brings one of the most important battles of World War II to life.
  • Duel series
Osprey Publishing announces a new series dedicated to evaluating opposing sides in the ultimate operational environment—close combat. Duel is the name of a new series from the legendary military history house, Osprey Publishing. The new series retells the stories of the world’s greatest machines of war and the ace combatants who operated them.
Osprey have announced 2 new releases from the Aircraft of the Aces series which should interest all W.W.1 fans.
And for all the W.W.2 fans out there you haven't been left out, with a interesting look at Modelling the P-51 Mustang from their Osprey Modelling series.
Unusually, the largest number of new releases from Osprey Publishing for february, seem to Aviation-related, so it seems like a good excuse to cover these seperately....
March 2005 will see the release of two new titles from Osprey Publishing which will be of great interest to aviation modellers....
January will see the release of four more interesting titles from that most prolific of publishing houses - Osprey Publishing. In this news story, the attention turns to books which are of particular interest to aviation modellers...
Once again, next month sees the usual crop of new releases from Osprey - These are the new Aviation releases...
Once again Osprey has a number of new releases for Aviation Modellers....
Only two new aviation titles this month from Osprey however both of them continue with their highly specialized series on Elite Aviation Units...
Amongst the new publications from Osprey Publishing in July, will be
Modelling the P-47 Thunderbolt
(Osprey Modelling 11)
written by Brett Green...

Volume 53 in this series covered Fokker D VII aces from the four elite Jagdgeschwadern of the German army, and this follow-on volume charts the story of the many aces who flew the famed fighter in other units committed to combat in the final months of World War 1.

Playing an early role in the Blitzkrieg campaign, the Schlacht (ground attack, arm) played a vital role thorughout the war. This new book from Osprey Publishing details the history of these vital units.
As many of you may be aware, a piece of aviation history came to a close last week with the last flight of the world's first supersonic passenger jet. This special edition book commemorates the history of this great airplane.
The latest release in Osprey's Modelling Masterclass line, World War 2 US Army Fighter Modeling is co-authored by Jerry Scutts and Brett Green.
A new release from Osprey Publishing this month, US Army AH-1 Cobra Units in Vietnam explores the history, technology and crew of this legendary helicopter.
On September 25, Osprey Publishing will unveil its newest line of books Osprey Modelling. Osprey starts off this new series with two new books "Modelling the Harrier I and II" and "Modelling the Messerschmitt Bf 110".
One of Osprey Publishings latest releases is V-2 Ballistic Missile 1942-1952. Written by Steven Zaloga and illustrated by Robert Calow, this book explores the combat record of the V-2 in WWII.