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The Eduard June 2010 newsletter has been published. Make sure to check it out as it is of a brand new format. In fact it is almost a modeling magazine of 24 pages available for download in .pdf format.
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Eduard have published their May 2010 Newsletter. This time the most interesting infos aren't really about the release of new kits but more about the company in itself, though everything is related.
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Eduard have been busy on May 1st! This month's products are now available and the most anticipated kit in the list is of course the new Fw190 D-11/D-13 in a very attractive Dual Combo boxing.
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Eduard have updated their website with a new presentation of their Brassin line of products. If you download the .pdf file, it is possible to actually move around the 3D rendering of the resin parts.
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Eduard have corrected the late style canopy of their 1:32 scale Bf109 E-4 kit. You can claim yours as a free replacement and even get a - 20% discount on any Eduard product in the process. This is not all as you will also get free shipping!
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In their monthly newsletter, amongst other stuff, Eduard have announced the creation of an official Facebook Page. There you will have the possibility to post comments and see the latest news from the Czech manufacturer, such as pictures of the forthcoming Fw190 D-11/D-13 kits.
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Here is the list of the Eduard expected aircraft related releases for March. Of course, the much anticipated Fw190 D11/D13 Dual Combo will focus most of the attention but there is much more in the pipe, especially in the photo etched and Brassin lines.
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New items are available from Eduard in April 2010. This month, the 1:32 scale Bf109 leads the way in a very attractive E-7 Profipack boxing with some nice desert shemes. Early aviation enthusiasts will be pleased to see the release of the 1:48 scale Fokker D.VII in a colorful Dual Combo boxing while the Bf110 in the same scale is released as a Weekend Edition. If you add the F-16 Engine in the Brassin line and the PE sets for the 1:32 scale Tamiya Spitfire it makes quite an interesting month!
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Eduard have updated their website with their monthly newsletter. Main subject is the past Nürnberg Toy Fair but there are also many infos about the new items available this month and next month.
While the March items are available now, here is a look at the Eduard expected aircraft related releases for April. No new kits (only different boxings) but plenty of Brassin and PE sets to keep you busy in every scale and every era.
While the February releases are just available from Eduard here is a look at the March expected item list. Once again, there is something for everyone but the Limited Edition of the Su-7BKL/BMK in 1:48 scale is worth noting.
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The new Eduard products for February 2010 are available. There are only 1:48 scale kits in the list this time but plenty of photo etched references and some more resin+PE sets in the new Brassin line.
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Eduard have released a new catalogue for the year 2010. It can be downloaded in .pdf format at their website.
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Since January 2010, Eduard have started their brand new "Brassin" line of products. It looks as if this is a new standard in resin and photo-etched technologies. The resin parts are developed using HI 3D technologies and the photo-etched parts have benefited from the long-time Eduard experience in that matter.
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Eduard have updated their website with their monthly newsletter. Of course there are some very interesting infos about the whole year 2010 and even beyond. Some projects seem to have been put on hold but other will appear on the modelling bench soon.
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Here is a list of the aircraft related items to be released by Eduard in February. The Polikarpov I-16 will be "Profipacked" in it's Type 17 version while the WWI enthusiasts will be pleased to see the 1:48 scale Hanriot HD.1 in the Weekend line while the Fokker D.VII (O.A.W.) in the same scale will be reedited. But the real news is the launch of Eduard's new Brassin line of products.
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The January 2010 products from Eduard are available. Of course, the new Fw190 D9 will put the other items in the shadow. Nevertheless, it is worth to look at the list, especially if you want to add as much PE parts as possible into Trumpeter's 1:32 scale Swordfish!
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Eduard have published their December Newsletter on their homepage. The Fw 190D-9 is once again the point of interest but there are also infos about the latest releases and the new Brassin line of resin parts.
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Eduard have updated their website with some infos and pictures of their forthcoming 1:48 scale Fw 190 D-9 model. It looks very promising!
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Eduard's December kits are available. There are no "all new" plastic kits but the reissues of their 1:48 scale Hellcat and Avia B-534 are well worth noting. The photo etched news list is as always impressive and there is something for every genre and every scale.
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Eduard have published the November 2009 Newsletter on their official homepage. The new items (model kits, photo etched sets and masks) are already available on their website and should hit the shelves soon. This month's highlights are the 1/32 scale Bf 109 E-3 kit, a Limited Edition boxing of the Fokker Eindecker and the first photo etched sets destined to the new Wingnut Wings 1:32 scale WWI kits. But there are also some infos for the near future...
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The October 2009 releases from Eduard are available. This month, the highlight is the Limited Edition boxing of the Airfix 1:48 scale BAC Lightning Mk.1A/Mk.2. For the first time the model includes an Eduard produced resin seat from their forthcoming range of aftermarket sets.
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No sooner has the exciting new 1:48 Messerschmitt Bf 110G-2 arrived than its follow-up is ready and waiting in the wings in the shape of the 'G-4 night-fighter.
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August sees a dramatic return of Eduard's 1:48 Fw 190A with a Dual-Combo Night-Fighter boxing. This is a Limited Run edition of only 1500 kits and is a "Royal Class" kit in all but name, featuring around 390 parts spread over no less than 20 sprues, plus a Wilde Sau badge.
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July looks set to be a busy month for Eduard. The big news is undoubtedly the expansion of their highly regarded 1:48 Bf 110 range to include later versions, with the 'G-2 taking the lead as the first release.

Also new are Weekend Editions of the Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat and Fokker E.V (D.VIII), plus a generous selection of etched sets and masks.
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WW1 enthusiasts get the lion's share of Eduard's new kits in June with Dual Combos of the popular Pfalz D.IIIa and SPAD XIII. The latter is an American Aces special.
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The big news this month is the eagerly expected follow-up to Eduard's 1:32 Bf 109E-1, the 'E-4 - in many people's eyes the definitive "Emil", with wing cannon and square-framed canopy. Also on the kit front, the 1:48 Hellcat returns in a cut-down Weekend Edition.
  • p8174_00b
April looks set to be another busy month for Eduard. No new kits, per se, but the Fw 190 A-5 makes a welcome re-appearance as a Profipack, while the Bf 110E and SPAD XIII are released as Weekend Editions for the first time. On the aftermarket front, there's plenty for everyone, but the highlight may well prove to be the triple-whammy of sets for Revell's big Ju 88A. The cockpit in that kit is already great - and with the addition of etched details, it should be eye-popping!
  • i2009-01_28
March will see the return of some Eduard favourites in new guises. For WW1 enthusiasts, there's the Fokker D.VII in a spectacular Sieben Schwaben Limited Edition, while WW2 modellers can look forward to the popular Fw 190A-8 re-released with brand new markings, plus the I-16 Type 24 in a simplified Weekend Edition with just a single markings option.
  • i2009-01_03
February marks a dramatic move for Eduard with the release of their first 1/32 scale aircraft. The Bf 109E series has been a hot topic for months and, as you can see from the accompanying sprue-shots of the 'E-1, it looks set to be a real cracker!
  • 8156b
WW1 rules the roost this December amongst Eduard's new releases with the brand new 1/48 scale Fokker Eindecker accompanied by the re-released Roland C.II.
  • i2008-10_14
Next month sees the release of Eduard’s Messerschmitt Bf 110D as a stand-alone kit. This was previously only available in the Royal Edition and features a new fuselage moulding with an extended tail for the life-raft housing.

Also appearing again are the popular Albatros D.III and La-7 as Weekend Editions with no photo-etched details and decals for a single colour-scheme each.

On the photo-etch front, there are Big-Ed sets for Grumman “Cat” fans and Hasegawa’s recent Saab Draken comes in for the full Eduard treatment.
  • i2008-09_03
The Grumman hellcat is Eduard's latest Royal Class kit. This time the set will contain two full kits for the F6F-3 and F6F-5, plus resin parts for F6F-3N and F6F-5N night fighters, along with decals for two night fighter schemes. The kit will also contain two resin engines, new resin wheels, and resin machine guns. The PE parts comprise the contents of the existing Big Ed sets. The special bonus for this kit is a 1:1 scale replica of the main engine placard.
  • i2008-08_05
WW1 takes pride of place next month with the release of Eduard's long-awaited 1/48 scale SPAD XIII. The new kit promises exceptional levels of detail, both inside and out, with a comprehensive interior and flying surfaces that feature rib stitching. Markings will be included for four aircraft.
  • i2008-07_06
It's too early for a gimpse of the kit's contents yet, but August will see the return of Eduard's phenomenally successful 1/48 scale Fw 190 in a new guise - the 'F-8 ground attack variant. The kit will include two new sprues containing new wings and an assortment of stores, including various bombs, weapon containers, rockets such as Panzerschreck and Panzerblitz, and fuel tanks.

WW1 enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to, with a Fokker Dr.1 Dual Combo and the addition of the Sopwith Camel to the Weekend range.

Along with the kits, there's the usual bumper harvest of accessories.
  • 8223b
The big news this month is the eagerly awaited return of the 1/48 scale Hellcat, this time in Royal Navy guise as a dual-combo, but there's plenty more to keep us happy should the weather be a washout - Weekend Editions of the Fokker D.VII and Yak 3, plus etched sets for superdetailers and new AviPrint decals.
  • EdRoy110_image001
There weren't any details of the forthcoming Royal Class Messerschmitt Bf 110 in Eduard's usual announcement of the month ahead's releases. The reason is clear now - it's set to be an absolute stunner that fully justifies a News item of its own!
  • 8471b
It's too early for any details - or even the boxart - but Eduard's big release (literally) for June will be the Royal Class Messerschmitt Bf 110 which, if earlier reports are true, will see the first outing of the Bf 110D.

Meanwhile, the P-39 Airacobra returns as a Weekend Edition and there's a healthy line-up of new etched sets and painting masks.
  • 1136b
Eduard maintain their remarkable record of releasing something new every month - and May sees really exciting news for WW1 modellers with the first appearance of their new 1/48 scale Fokker Dr.1 as part of a double-pack von Richthofen brothers special.
  • i2008-03_01
Proof the old motto is true, as Eduard re-box the Airfix 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk. 22/24 for the second time in a limited edition. Complete with excellent new resin parts and decals, the kit sold out almost immediately on its first appearance and is likely to do the same again - so grab it while you can if you're a Spitfire fan.

Also new for April will be the delayed 1/72 scale R.F.C. figures set and the Polikarpov I-16 Type 10 in a Weekend Edition guise, plus the first etched sets to complement Eduard's own 1/48 scale Hellcat. Add a healthy dose of Thunderschiefs, Wellingtons, Chinooks and Storchs - plus much more - and April looks set to be a busy month for Eduard.
  • 8430b
Following the release of their impressive new 1/48 scale Hellcat, it's not surprising that Eduard are taking things a little easier this month. Nevertheless, there's still an exciting line-up for March, with a Weekend Edition Fw 190A-5, a whole bundle of etched accessories for the big Trumpeter Dauntless and, just in case you thought Tamiya had pretty much covered all the bases in their lovely quarterscale Storch, no less than 3 etched sets to take it to new levels of detail!
  • 7503b
WW1 enthusiasts looking forward to the release of Eduard's set of 1/72 scale Royal Flying Corps figures this month will have to wait a little longer.
  • i2007-11_08
The first of Eduard's new original releases for 2008 arrives next month in the shape of their eagerly awaited 1/48 scale Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat. While the earlier Fw 190 and Bf 110 have been quite complex kits, this time Eduard are aiming to make the Hellcat much more straightforward and aimed at the mainstream modeller. Although it may be somewhat simpler, we can still expect the company's attention to surface detail, as the accompanying photo of the fuselage of a test-shot shows. Also exciting for Navy fans, February sees the ex-MPM/Special Hobby Fulmar issued in a new form - the Mk.II, complete with the prominent cheek inlets and a set of 5 x colour schemes.
  • i2007-11_07
After a busy Christmas line-up, Eduard keep the pace up with a bundle of new releases for January.

With the brand new Grumman Hellcat looking set for release early in the spring, Eduard have concentrated on returning to some old favourites in new guises. There are truly spectacular new boxings of the Brisfit and Mirage 2000, while the Fw 190A-8 must surely be the most elaborate "Weekend Edition" yet! The highlights among the new photoetched sets are a whole series designed for Trumpeter's big Grumman Wildcat, but there's plenty else too, with some old favourites like Eduard's own neat little Bf 108 getting some deserved time in the limelight again.
  • 2106b
Eduard have a packed line-up planned for Christmas, with WW1 modellers doing especially well thanks to quarterscale Albatros D.I and D.IIs, plus a 1/72 scale Nieuport Ni-23 double pack. Jet enthusiasts aren't left out either, with the popular L.39 appearing in fresh colours. Meanwhile, Eduard will extend their range of quarterscale figures with a set of late-WW2 Luftwaffe fighter crew.

There are comprehensive aftermarket sets for Special Hobby's big Airacobra and Zvezda's La-5FN, plus much more...
  • Ed_Bf110C
Turning real-life chronology on its head, while some people are still waiting to see the Messerschmitt Bf 110E on the shelves in their local hobby shop, Eduard already have it's successor kit ready and waiting in the wings - the Bf 110C.

November looks set to be a busy month, with a new Dual Combo Airacobra on the way - plus an intriguing item # 7501 - Czech AF... no details of what that is yet.

On the etched front, there's a lot to look forward to. Trumpeter's neat little new MiG-3 is almost begging for an etched upgrade and Eduard have been quick off the mark to oblige. Meanwhile, there's a maintenance ladder for the Bf 110E, along with an etched detail set - and this for an already phenomenally detailed model!
  • Ed_Mirage2000
In answer to the overwhelming demand for their Limited Edition Mirage 2000, Eduard have announced a one-off extra run of the kit - a Limited Re-Edition - so now's your chance if you missed the kit first time around.

Also new next month will be the latest addition to the phenomenally successful Fw 190 range - a Fw 190A-8 R/2, previously only available in the Royal Edition.

October looks set to be a good month for Great War enthusiasts, with an Albatros D.V Dual Combo in 1/72 scale and a new set of French WW1 quarterscale figures.
  • 8203b
Despite a packed line-up of new kits, etched sets and painting masks, there'll really only be one story for many of us among Eduard's releases for September... the long-awaited 1/48 scale Messerschmitt Bf 110E.
  • bf_painted-cockpit03b
Eduard have released the first pics of the painted test-shot cockpit and nose-guns for their eagerly awaited 1/48 scale Messerschmitt Bf 110E.
  • Ed_I-16-29
Despite going flat-out to get ready for the release of their new 1/48 scale Bf 110E, Eduard have still managed to come up with an impressive selection of new kits, etched sets and masks for next month.

While the colourful Polikarpov I-16 and Albatros D.V Dual Combo are bound to grab the attention, just as exciting is the release of the first of Eduard's new self-adhesive etched sets. These sound very intriguing - look out for a full report on them soon on Aeroscale.