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Just received News from Saúl García re: an Upcoming Release.

This time, it hails from MRC. They are Academy's US distributor.

This is a big (24” from the tip of its main rotor blades to the tip of its tail) 1/48 scale Academy Plastic Model Helicopter. It's the US Marines version of the CH-53E Super Sea Stallion

Saúl García has sent us some News of new Decals available from Techmod and Ardpol at Jadar-Model (Poland)
The Armor modellers are more than accustomed to this concept - produce a model which can be built in any one of three versions. Now, for the very first time, Dragon Models are applying the same techniques to an Aircraft kit - a 1/48th Focke-Wulf Ta 154....
Thanks to Joe Szczygielski (MOTHER), we are able to bring you news of the two announced releases from the Korean Plastic Manufacturer, Academy...
The question was wherher to put this in Aviation or Armor.... This will be one of those models which should encourage Armor modellers to 'cross-over' into aviation, and the Aviation builders to change theme and scale....
Once again, a considerable number of new releases from Eduard including two new full-kits in 1/48th and 1/72nd scale...
Polish WW2 aircraft models are not that common. To My knowledge, an injected kit of the PZL P.23 "Karas" was only available in 1/72 scale by Heller so far. Now the waiting is over for the 1/48 crowd as Mirage Hobby, specialists in Polish airplanes, have just released what seems to be a promising kit!
Hasegawa Models have recently announced their releases for January 2006, all of which are flagged as "Limited Edition".
Signiferis a french short run and resin kit manufacturer. They also produce some nice diorama accessories. A lot of new products have been released recently in 1/48 and 1/32 scale. Amongst them a very detailled Luftwaffe Oil Cart. Make sure to check their website!
It's been a while coming, but AMtech's long-awaited P-40Q is firmly back underway - as can be seen from these latest pics direct from AMtech themselves.
Yet another new release has been announced by Dragon Models today. This time the subject is a popular one amongst aviation modellers, the Junkers 88...
Rumours have been rife about whether there's a tie-in between Hasegawa and DML for their new Fw 190s. Well, I found this intriguing info on Hobby Link Japan which might help explain things:
Trumpeter is a company which seems to love producing BIG kits.... A good example of this is their new (1/32nd scale) Aviation Releases...
The wait is almost over for Airfix's 1/72 scale kit of the TSR-2, Britain's potentially world-beating aircraft that was cancelled by the Labour government in the 1960s. After 40 years, the TSR.2 remains one of the most controversial aircraft projects in history, sounding the death-knell many famous names in the British aircraft industry.
There's plenty for Spitfire fans to be excited about as Airfix have released pictures of the early test-mouldings of their forthcoming 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk. IXc.
Autumn 2005 is really turning out to be the season for 1/48 scale Butcher Birds with Tamiya's announcement of the imminent released of an Fw 190A-8
Eduard are as prolific as ever and the following is just a taste of what they have in store for aircraft modellers this winter.
Classic Airframes have an exciting line-up of releases planned for the run-up to Christmas.
Coming very soon from Squadron's own brand Czech Model is a 1/48 scale model of the Curtiss SO3C Seamew, the WWII US Navy scout / observation floatplane.
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Well maybe not exactly "new", but very welcome, nevertheless. There's been a lot of speculation recently about which manufacturer's Spitfire Mk. IX / XVI would be inside Revell's new 1/48 scale release, with people trying to guess by the number of parts whether it would be from Hasegawa, ICM or Italeri/Occidental.
Just arrived here at White Ensign Models , PE 7223 provides interior and exterior details for the 1/72 scale Kingfisher....
Recently, Dragon showed signs of reviving their Aviation kit list with the announcement of an ARADO Ar234P in 1/72nd scale, now comes new of another future release, this time in 1/48th scale..
Despite having both 1/72 and 1/32 scale Fw 190s in their range, Hasegawa have never released this famous aircraft in 1/48 scale - until now... Fans of Luftwaffe aircraft have plenty to look forward to this Christmas with Hasegawa's decision to release what will almost certainly be just the start of a series an all-new 1/48 scale Fw 190s.
Scale Magic is an Australian company formed by 3 modellers which specialises in 1/48 scale resin replacement parts and conversion sets. Two of the names behind Scale Magic will certainly be well-known on Armorama: Rob Storey (29Foxtrot) is a long-time regular contributor to the Aircraft Forum, while newcomer Glen Hambleton (TBM) built the Avenger pictured here incorporating Scale Magic flaps and wheels. The third member of the team is Wayne Hines.
Dragon Models previously had an excellent reputation for aircraft kits in both 1/72nd and 1/48th scales. It has (unsurprisingly) been a while since they had a new release in the aviation field. Now it seems the Aviation Wing (o.k. I couldn't resist it!) of DML is back in business with a new release...
At long last, we have received the last of the 18 Regia Aeronautic colors in our Colourcoats line of enamels.
Eduard are all set to plug one of the few gaps in their extensive range of 1/48 scale WW1 aircraft kits with the immenent release of their first version Fokker D.VII.
Latest Aircraft Annoucements from Hasegawa in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32
New Releases from Classic Airframes Coming Soon!
Here's just what you need to really detail that 1/72 scale "Beast"!
Accurate Armour have just announced the latest 2 "whirly-bird" releases:

The Westland LYNX AH-7 Anti-Tank Helicopter... in two versions!
New releases from Special Hobby , MPM, and AZUR

June announced “Limited Editions” from Hasegawa, in 1/48, 1/72, and 1/32.
There have been a number of interesting aviation releases announced by Trumpeter in a varety of scales - here is just one of them along with its corresponding images...
Short run Kits of Rare Aircraft
CraftWorks is not too well-known outside of aircraft modelling circles, and their 1:32 scale pilot figures are even more enigmatic, with no photos being available online... until now!
White Ensign Models is pleased to announce the latest in our (slowly) growing "Seawaves" photoetch sets for 1/72 scale aircraft.
Eagle Editions have announced their latest sets of EagleCal decals and the release of two exciting new books aimed at WW2 enthusiasts.
Aerotech are relatively new to model aircraft but under the Marsh Models name, the company have been making superb car kits for years.
Thanks to Chuck Shanley for supplying more details of Special Hobby's release schedule.
We received the last of our new WW2 French Air Force paints today, and now have the full range of 12 colors:
Wingz have announced the imminent release of a 1/32 scale WW2 Luftwaffe refueling cart.
There's a really exciting set of aircraft in Hasegawa's Spring line-up, as they continue their policy of releasing "Limited Edition" versions of their existing kits.
Hot news from Gary Newman at MMD-Squadron! The first plastic parts for Czech Model's forthcoming 1/48 Ryan FR-1 Fireball are due any day now. Resin details and decals will follow within the next few weeks, so this exciting kit should be on the shelves by Summer.
Revell have released details of 4 new military & airliner kits. For military modelers there are the F-16B and Chinook, while civil builders have the chance to model the giant Airbus A-380 and commemorate Cordorde's last flight from London to New York.
There are a couple of exciting new kits ready release by Roden - the long awaited 1/32 scale Fokker Dr.1 and a new version of their successful 1/48 scale Mohawk.
No details are available yet, but Black Box have announced a detailed resin cockpit for Trumpeter's recent Vigilante.
Special Hobby have a bunch of exciting new short-run kits ready for release now or in the very near future. There's something for everyone with a selection of 1/72 and 1/48 scale subjects.
Looking for ACCURATE paint colours for your WW2 Regia Aeronautica aircraft?
Using information based on John Greuter's research, White Ensign Models is pleased to have produced a range of three colours for the Dutch Luchtvaartafdeling, as of 1939-1940.
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