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A day or two ago, Rowan Baylis (Merlin) posted a review of the new range of Xtracrylix Paints which are available from Hannants As this was such an interesting subject, it seemed that this item deserved a news story to complement Rowan's excellent review. The review can be seen: HERE
Xtracolor are better known for their excellent range of enamels. For many aviation modellers they were the first 'port of call' to obtain correctly mixed shades - particularly in FS (Federal Standard) shades. With this new range, they will doubtless re-establish themselves as market leaders in model paint...

Xtracrylix Paints are acrylics which means no problems with toxicity, less wear and tear on the airbrush and thinning with water or distilled water. This range of paints are also unusual in that they dry gloss - saving th eneed for a coat of varnish or Kleer.

The Full list of the paints are:

BS (British Standard Colors

XA1001 RAF Dark Green BS241
XA1002 RAF Dark Earth BS450
XA1003 RAF Med Sea Grey BS637
XA1004 RAF Dark Sea Grey BS638
XA1005 RAF Extra Dark Sea Grey BS640
XA1006 RAF Ocean Grey
XA1007 RAF Sky BS210
XA1008 RAF PRU Blue BS636
XA1009 RAF Middle Stone
XA1010 Aircraft Grey/Green BS283
XA1011 RAF Trainer Yellow
XA1012 Night Black BS642
XA1014 RAF Red Arrows Red BS537
XA1015 RAF Light Aircraft Grey BS627
XA1017 RAF Camo (Barley Grey) BS626
XA1019 RAF Rescue Yellow BS356
XA1025 RAF Dark Slate Grey BS634
XA1026 RAF Azure Blue
XA1032 RAF Gulf War Desert Pink
XA1036 RAF Dark Camouflage Grey BS629
XA1037 RAF Light Slate Grey BS639

German RLM Standard Colors

XA1201 RLM02 Grau
XA1202 RLM65 Hellblau
XA1203 RLM66 Matt Schwarzgrau
XA1204 RLM70 Schwarzgrau
XA1205 RLM71 Dunkelgrun
XA1206 RLM74 Graugrun
XA1207 RLM75 Grauviolett
XA1208 RLM76 Lichtblau
XA1209 RLM79 Sandbraun
XA1210 RLM81 Braunviolett
XA1211 RLM82 Dunkelgrun
XA1212 RLM83 Lichtgrun
XA1213 RLM04 Gelb
XA1214 RLM78 Hellblau
XA1215 RLM80 Grun
XA1216 RLM01 Siber
XA1217 RLM23 Rot
XA1218 RLM24 Dunkelblau
XA1219 RLM Dunkelbraun
XA1220 RLM62 Grun
XA1221 RLM63 Lichtgrun
XA1222 RLM72 Grun
XA1223 RLM73 Grun
XA1224 RLM79a Sand Braun

United States Federal Standard (FS) Colors

XA1102 FS10219 Vietnam Tan
XA1110 FS14079 Forest Green
XA1111 FS14087 Olive Drab
XA1112 ANA613 Olive Drab
XA1113 Faded Olive Drab
XA1114 FS14092 Medium Green
XA1116 FS14102 Vietnam Green
XA1117 FS34151 Interior Green
XA1121 FS15042 Gloss Sea Blue
XA1125 FS15164 Intermediate Blue
XA1126 FS15237 Dk Blue/Grey
XA1129 FS16081 Dark Grey
XA1130 FS16118 Gunship Grey
XA1131 FS16231 Dark Gull Grey
XA1133 FS16270 Neutral Grey
XA1135 FS16320 Dk Compass Grey
XA1136 FS16375 Lt Compass Grey
XA1137 FS16440 Lt Gul Grey
XA1138 FS16473 ADC Grey
XA1139 FS16495 Light Grey
XA1140 FS16622 Light Grey
XA1141 FS17875 White
XA1157 FS16176 Mod Eagle Grey
XA1158 FS16173 Air Mobility Grey

Topcoats and Thinners

N.B. all Varnishes are available in two sizes..

XA1G Gloss Varnish

XA1Satin Varnish

XA1F Flat Varnish

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