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OPERATION: The Canvas Falcons II: 1915-16            


  OPERATION:The Canvas Falcons II: 1915-16
  SCALE:1:200 To 1:6
  START DATE:November 12th, 2015
  ENDS:November 11th, 2016
  ADDITIONAL INFO/IMAGES:Click here to view
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Canvas Falcons II: 1915-16

Operational Overview
The purpose of the Canvas Falcons Campaigns is to continue the spirit of the Knights of the Sky group builds; to encourage the building of early aviation aircraft and help lift all modelerís understanding of and abilities to create these interesting machines. With the centennial of the Great War occurring now, our focus will be on the aeroplanes of that time, but all aviation up through 1934 will be welcome. Similarly, while Canvas Falcons II will focus on the second year of the war, 1915-16, all models fitting into the Early Aviation time frame will be eligible for an award. Each builder will run a build log on the Early Aviation forum with a link to it in the Canvas Falcons Campaign thread. Show us your work, ask questions, enjoy your build (and everyone elseís) and learn about those brave pioneers of the sky!

The Rules and Regs
1. Open to:
a. All builds.
b. All vendors.
c. All scales.
d. New.
e. In progress.
f. Unfinished hangar queens. But must be finished for this campaign.
g. All mediums.
h. Kit conversions, OOB, super detailed or any combination thereof.
i. Prototypes or main production versions.
j. Color scheme from a real subject and relevant to your build (no what-if).
k. Entries cannot be used for more than 1 campaign.
l. The build has to be blogged in the Early Aviation forum here at Aeroscale.

2. While the focus of the campaign is aircraft from the second year of the Great War, 1915-16, it can be any real Early Aviation subject up to 1934.

3. Each participant will submit a build thread (in Early Aviation forum) with images. Historical images of the original aircraft are strongly encouraged (if available). A gallery will be set up for finished builds to be posted and you must post at least two pictures in that gallery to be eligible for a ribbon.

4. The campaign will run from November 12th, 2015 to November 11th 2016.


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