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MISSION: Falklands War            


  MISSION:Falklands War
  SCALE:1:144 To 1:24
  START DATE:August 1st, 2007
  ENDS:February 16th, 2008
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Falklands Campaign

Operational Overview
The Falklands War occurred 25 years ago in 1982 between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The Falkland Islands consist of islands in the South Atlantic Ocean east of Argentina, whose ownership has been disputed.
The war started with the occupation of South Georgia by Argentina March 19,1982 followed by invasion of the Falklands, the initial invasion was considered by Argentina as reoccupation of territory, and by Britain as an invasion of British territory.
The dispute over the islands increased on 19 March when 50 Argentines landed on the British dependency of South Georgia and raised their flag, an act that is seen as the first offensive action in the war. On 2 April, Argentina ordered the invasion of the Falkland Islands, triggering the Falklands War.
Great Britain was taken by surprise by the Argentine attack on the South Atlantic islands, but launched a naval task force to engage the Argentine Navy and Air Force, and retake the islands by amphibious assault. After the most extensive naval/air and amphibious combat since World War II with images of the fighting beamed into TV sets world wide every evening. The British were victorious on June 14th and the war was over resulting in 260 British and 650 Argentine killed.

The Rules and Regs
Any aircraft used by Great Britain or Argentina for the conflict. No restrictions on kit manufacturers and scale between 1:144 and 1/24th. Lets just build and have fun!

Aircraft in use:
C-130, A4 Skyhawk, Super Etendard, Mirage III EA, Puccara, Puma, Aermacchi MB.339's, T-34C's, Alouette, Dagger A (Mirage), Canberra B.62, Agusta A, Iroquois UH-1H's, Bell 212's, Learjet 35A, Harrier RN & RAF, Vulcan, Wessex, Sea Kings, Wasp, Lynx, VC.10 transports, chartered Boeing 707's, Chinook, Phantom FGR.2's (Ascension-based Aircraft), Nimrod, Victor K.2 tankers, Gazelle.


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