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  California, United States

Occupation: workforce policy advisor
CALLSIGN: TimReynaga


About TimReynaga
I am married with three daughters and a son, and I work as a regional workforce policy advisor for the State of California. My wife is an elementary school teacher. I’ve been building models since I was five years old (my first model was a NASA lunar module bought for a dime from a magazine ad). I’m mostly interested in ships but will happily put together just about anything: tanks, aircraft, figures… I even built an old Aurora White Tailed Deer model a while back. This hobby has been a lifelong pleasure for me – I never seemed to have grown out of it like all of my childhood friends did!

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Ancient Sailing Ships: This Campaign Ribbon signifies that this participant has completed the Ancient Sailing Ships Campaign by posting a photo of their completed work in the Ancient Sailing Ships gallery.
Armor of the American Civil War ribbon: This award signifies that the recipient successfully completed the 2016-17 Armor of the American Civil War Campaign
Armor of the Great War Campaign Award: This ribbon signifies that the recipient completed the Armor of the Great War Campaign
Battle Damage Campaign Knockout Award: Wear it proudly!
Battle of Britain 75 ribbon: This award signifies sucessful completion of the Battle of Britain 75 Campaign.
Battleship: For Getting your Battleship Out of The Shipyard
BOA - 75th: This award signifies this person completed a build for the campaign for the 75th Anniversary of the start of the Battle for the Atlantic
Cruiser Campaign Award: This award signifies this person has completed the Cruiser Campaign.
Dry-Docked 2017 Campaign: This award signifies this person completed the Dry-Docked 2017 Campaign.
Edgar Brooks Memorial Spitfire Campaign Award: RAF DFC ribbon with E.B. on it in gold
Fighter-Bomber Campaign: This award signifies that this individual completed the Fighter-Bomber Campaign
Godzilla Campaign Ribbon: Godzilla figure on a yellow background with a rising sun in the background.
Home Improvement: This award signifies the individual has completed the Home Improvement campaign by fixing up a model completed more than six months prior.
IDF award:
Improvised Ingenuity: This ribbon signifies this person has successfully completed the Improvised Ingenuity Campaign.
PAX and Pallets campaign ribbon: Recipient has completed a model in accordance with the campaign theme.
Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Campaign: For completion of the Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Campaign.
Poland 1939: This award signifies this person completed the Poland 1939 Campaign
Sink the Bismarck campaign award:
Tank Hunters Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies the successful completion of the Tank Hunters Campaign
Thunder and Lightning Campaign Award:
Tool award: This award signifies this person completed the
 Build-a-Tool Campaign
Vietnam War 50 Campaign: This award signifies that the recipient has completed the Vietnam War 50 Campaign
What The Flak? Campaign Ribbon:
Wurf and Friends Award:
Yachts with Wings award badge: