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The Much Maligned Italeri HMMWVs


Commando Hum-V #273

The name of this kit must have been lost in translation. It represents one of the more common HMMWV configurations, the 4-door soft top with rear cargo cover. Commanders, staff officers and NCOs commonly use this vehicle. Many are equipped with several radios for command and control on different radio nets (brigade, battalion, company, etc.).

There are two versions of this kit. The older version is molded in dark olive green and a newer version in tan. As with the previous HMMWV errors, this vehicle has the same sparse interior detail, missing windshield bumpers, and grill errors. The old green version has the armored hood grill; the new tan one has a correct fiberglass grill. The tan one also has the six oval indents added on each side of the chassis as well as the air vent grill added to the right side. A new front bumper with three holes is included to replace the incorrect one. A variety of antenna mounts are included, a nice touch is the addition of the foam padding around lower portion of the antennas. This was so the antenna did not rub through the canvas covers while tied down. The decals depict a USAF air liaison officer (ALO) vehicle during Desert Storm. It is nice to see a company go back and modify an existing mold to correct inaccuracies.


M-1036 HMMWV with TOW Launcher #369

This kit is a modified reissue of Italeri’s first HMMWV kit #247. Among the changes is the addition of the six oval indents, right side air vent and a front winch to replace the incorrect four holed front bumper. One modification of the kit now makes top hood grill wrong. It was changed from the correct armored type to the unarmored fiberglass type. Swapping the hood with an older kit’s hood easily rectifies this. Italeri also adds the optional brush guard to this kit. There are several variations of the actual brush guard depending on supplier so the accuracy of this particular one is immaterial.

Another addition is a small circular rear view mirror added to the old style rear view mirror. Too bad Italeri didn’t change the rear view mirrors on their kits to the now more common “West Coast” style rear view mirrors. The reversed gunner’s hatch remains unchanged, but at least the decals in this kit represent two different US Army vehicles (although the directions incorrectly identify the Desert Storm variant as a USMC vehicle) and include a set of Military Vehicle Delineators (MVDs), ever present on USAREUR equipment.

Hummer Avenger #6387

The Italeri Avenger has the modified chassis and hood grill. The hood grill is now the fiberglass type and the six indents and air vent were added. This is not a re-box of the Esci Avenger and although the vehicle chassis is the same as their family of HMMWVs, the Avenger turret is all-new. This is the one Italeri HMMWV I do not own and have only inspected the kit briefly in the box. (Authors note: I recently picked one up in a scratch & dent sale. Nice kit.)

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