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BBG-61 21st Century Battleship

I Started with the Tamiya New Jersey. The twin 5" dual purpose guns were replaced with modern 5" guns and replica 8" gun turrets were also fabricared and supplied. A second lattice mast was made from parts from a DML Tionderoga class CG. Firefinder counter battery radar was scratchbuilt and placed on top. The 40mm turreted guns were scratched , 25mm chain guns were made from detailing aa guns from a Tamiya Bismarck and the 30mm Goalkeeper CIWS were made by modifying Tamiyas Phalanx CIWS's. The VLS systems were made from sheet plastic as was the deck the aft VLS rest on and the RPV hanger on the aft deck. The 1/350 V-22 were made from scratch. The USNFSA was pleased with the results and as far as I know some congressmen and the assistant Sec Def and Sec Def have seen it. I thought it was time for me to post it somewhere.
  • upgrades_2
  • unrep
  • turret_3_starboard
  • starboard_quarter
  • starboard_beam
  • rvp_hanger
  • port_stern
  • port_quarter
  • port_forward
  • osprey
  • middeck
  • forward_super
  • bow
  • a1
  • superstructure_construct
  • port_construction
  • 8_inch
  • Goalke_1
  • Antpq372
  • 25mm

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